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What if your ‘stuff’ could change lives and communities?

Donating and shopping for clothing and housewares helps make a positive impact.

Donate. Shop. Change a Life for Good.

Goodwill views generous donations as sparks for positive economic, social, and environmental change in our communities. What we gain in donations is used to enhance the cycle of success.

Pre-Employment Services

At Goodwill, it’s our job to help individuals overcome barriers to employment. With our Pre-Employment Training, we help members of our community gain the necessary skills to qualify for better jobs, which means a brighter future.

Job Placement Services

Having the right skills for a good job is only the first step in the process. At Goodwill, we take it a step further with our Job Placement Services. From completing a job application form to interviewing skills and hiring events, we make sure to help you not only qualify for the job but get the job.

Family Strengthening

At Goodwill, we know that the health of a family is often determined by one influential member. Through Family Strengthening programs we aid these family members to unlock his or her true potential and become the best possible version of himself or herself. This not only helps the family unit but the community in which the family lives.


Goodwill provides outreach services for Northeast Ohio communities through The Ken Weber Community Campus in downtown Canton, Ohio. Our facility houses a multitude of organizations that reach out to the community to touch the lives of those in need.

Goodwill services, now that’s some powerful ‘stuff’!

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