Give Me Five Discount FAQs

Here’s everything you need to know about Goodwill’s new Give Me Five discount, how it will work and how it will work with other rewards and discounts.

What is Goodwill’s new Give Me Five discount program? How does it work?

Goodwill’s new Give Me Five discount program provides customers at our retail stores with the opportunity to save on virtually all items purchased in our stores without having to wait weeks to receive the discount. Customers who spend $30 pre-tax or more in one transaction will receive $5 off their purchase.

Additionally, discounts will apply when the following pre-tax totals are met in a single transaction:

$10 off $60 pre-tax spending in one transaction

$15 off $90 or more pre-tax spending in one transaction

Do these discounts apply at our alternative retail stores (bookstores, outlet, Wired-Up)?

No, this discount will not apply at our Westlake bookstore, North Canton bookstore, Canton outlet, Cleveland outlet, or Wired-Up in Chagrin Falls.

When does this new discount take effect?

The new Give Me Five discount program will begin Sunday, January 7, 2024. It will replace our current Color of the Week discount, which will expire on Saturday, January 6, 2024.

How will shoppers get this discount?

The discount will be applied automatically at the register when a customer reaches $30, $60 or $90 in pre-tax spending on eligible items. There is no coupon necessary to receive this discount.

What products are excluded from the Give Me Five discount program?

Wired-Up laptops, PCs and game consoles are excluded from the discount. Additionally, gift card purchases are excluded from the discount. Other exclusions may apply. See store for details.

Do new goods and closeouts apply toward spending to get the Give Me Five discount?

Yes, new goods and closeouts will apply toward spending to receive the discount.

Can customers use other discounts with Give Me Five?

No, customers may not stack discounts. Only one discount at a time may be applied. Seniors may choose to use their senior discount instead of the Give Me Five promotion if they choose.

Will customers be able to earn Good Points+ on these purchases?

Yes, Good Points Plus+ points will be earned on discounted purchases as long as the customer is registered for the Good Points Plus+ program. It is free to register and can be done online at or at the register before checking out.

Can customers use their Good Points+ reward in addition to the Give Me Five discount?

Yes, Good Points rewards may be used when a Give Me Five discount is applied. Please refer to the chart below:

Give Me Five Discount
$5 of $30, $10 off $60, and $15 off $90 or more
Good Points Rewards
$5 reward for every $100 spent within a 60-day period
Senior Discount
10% off entire purchase
May be combined with discounts in the column to the left.
Discounts listed in this column may not be combined or “stacked” together.

Discounts may be combined with loyalty rewards.