Changing Lives for Good

Did you know that by donating to and shopping at Goodwill you’re directly helping the community?

Cycle of Success

Donations and shopping are the basis for Goodwill’s “Cycle of Success”. These simple things that are beneficial to you are also good for your community and the environment.

Every day, our Goodwill donor attendants stand by waiting for your items to come through the door, and when they do, our donation processors carefully hang each garment and place each houseware item in one of our Goodwill stores. When those items are purchased by shoppers looking for a great deal, the community gets a great deal more.

This is because your donations and purchases help provide Goodwill with the funding we need to offer a wide variety of services to those in need, including pre-employment services, job placement, family strengthening services, and community outreach. In addition, Goodwill helps keep a large amount of items out of landfills each year. Every day, our Goodwill donor attendants stand by waiting to start this cycle of success all over again, but it all starts with your donation!

See success stories from real people whose lives have been positively impacted by Goodwill.

Goodwill cycle of success infographic shows how donating encourages shopping which rasies funds to benefit the community all while keeping more stuff out of landfills

Success Story

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Goodwill staff

34% of Goodwill staff identify as disabled or disadvantaged

16,924 Total People Served in 2023

Goodwill mission programs impact thousands of lives each year. Last year, the number of people served in the greater Cleveland area more than doubled as outreach programs continue to grow in that region and throughout the 10 counties served.

People served by mission:

Employment & Social Services Programs: 5,584
COMPASS Sexual Assault: 3,719
Parenting Program: 148
Children’s Book Program: 1,963
Voucher Crisis Services: 5,437

65,000+ Welcomed to Community Campus

The Ken Weber Community Campus at Goodwill served as a key outreach for Goodwill. Last year, more than 65,000 people were welcomed to the facility. The Campus provides shared space for 24 different nonprofit organizations, including Goodwill. In 2019, expanded walk-in days and hours responded to the growing need for services in the community.

a young family packs items for donation in their garage

826,940 Total Material Donors

The number of material donors continued to grow last year at Goodwill’s 34 store locations and donations centers. Donations are processed and sold at Goodwill’s local network of stores to provide financial support to the agency’s outreach programs.

close up view of two clothing racks with shirts on hangers

More than 25,000,000 Pounds Diverted from Landfills

Goodwill continues to provide an environmentally friendly way to divert clothing, textiles and housewares from area landfills. In 2023, more than 25 million pounds of material was diverted from area landfills because of area donors and the local Goodwill system.