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Material Donations

Every Success Stories begins with a donation.

Tips for Donating

Orange Lamp

Goodwill is unable to accept all donations. Since we rely on the sales of your donations to support our mission programs and for that reason, we can only accept items that are able to be resold.

Certain child safety or state laws prohibit Goodwill from accepting and/or selling certain products. Some items are too costly for Goodwill to handle or sell. We appreciate your understanding and value your support as a donor!

Donation Guide PDF


Housewares and home furnishings.
Small appliances in working condition
Flat Screen Televisions


Large appliances
Auto parts
Trash or garbage
Damaged or dirty furniture
Household chemicals
Propane tanks
Pianos or organs
Hazardous materials
Child Safety Items
Building and plumbing materials
Billiard/pool tables

Goods & Clothing

Your closet, cupboards and storage unit are more powerful than you think. When others see “stuff,” Goodwill sees a brighter future for someone right in our community. We enthusiastically accept new and gently used clothing and housewares – and turn all that “stuff” into funding for our local mission programming. Plus, keeping your clothing and housewares out of landfills by donating to Goodwill is good for the environment!

Donation Receipt Form


Computers & Electronics

Donating your computers and other tech equipment to Goodwill is safe and environmentally friendly. The ideal computer donation to Goodwill is an Intel Core 2 processor or better. Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc. takes the safety of our donors very seriously. We understand that data confidentiality is extremely important to donors. All hard drives received by Goodwill are wiped in accordance with the standards described in the NIST Special Publication 800-88 (PDF) which requires a minimum of one pass on a hard drive. If the drive is not able to be overwritten due to a problem with the drive (damaged sectors, damaged hardware, etc.), the drive is physically altered so that it cannot be read. If you have a question about donating computer equipment to Goodwill, please email, and a customer service representative will follow up with you.


Donating your vehicle to Goodwill is tax-deductible and directly supports our mission of empowering people on their journey to independence. Through our partnership with CARS, your old vehicle can jumpstart someone on a life-changing path. Learn more or call 866-699-5719.

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Donating to Goodwill can help provide education and skills training to a parent in need.