Halloween Costumes to Get You Inspired

The fall season is the best time of the year. The leaves are changing, everything is pumpkin flavored, and one of the best holidays, Halloween, is right around the corner! If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about what crazy character you can dress up as this year. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you put those awesome Halloween costumes together.

The best costumes don’t necessarily have to have the most pieces. A few items can lead to the costume of the year!


For instance, if you want to travel back in time to Woodstock, a vintage dress paired with a fringed vest will get you close. Add a pair of shades and a floral headband and you’ll be throwing up the peace sign as this year’s best hippie.

Hippie Halloween Costumes


Perhaps you’d rather sail the seas as a pirate. No need to run to the big box costume store. A pirate’s cap with an eye patch and sword along with a striped shirt and boots will have you ready to walk the plank. No matter what you desire to be Goodwill has the necessary items to have you play the part.

Pirate Halloween Costumes


During the Halloween season, creativity is key! As you walk through the aisles of your local Goodwill keep an open mind about what you might be able to create. Where some see just a formal dress, others see a beautiful princess. Add a pair of high heels and tiara and you’ll be looking just like your favorite Disney princess for a fraction of the cost.

Princess Halloween Costumes


Speaking of cost, shopping for Halloween costumes at Goodwill will help you look the part for much less. Typically Goodwill prices are 50-90% less than your traditional retailers. Saving money on your costume will help buy more treats for the big day!


Another costume option that is very cost effective would be a pair of glasses, a bow tie, plaid pants, and a pocket protector. These few items from Goodwill would form a perfect nerd costume. The amount of savings would leave the biggest number crunchers impressed.

Nerd Halloween Costumes


Perhaps, you have a costume you’ve worn a few too many times and are looking to make a change this year. There’s a reason you rocked it more than once! Don’t just throw it away. Consider donating your old Halloween costumes to your local Goodwill so someone else will have the chance to look as good. By donating an old costume, you allow us to use our Halloween magic and bring it back to life.


Regardless if you are purchasing items for that perfect costume or donating old costumes, you are making a difference in your community. By purchasing or donating items you’re helping improve the lives of people with barriers to employment. People served by Goodwill are provided the skill-building programs and services needed to find and maintain employment. If you would like to learn more about mission services offered in your community, visit our mission services page.


Lastly, Halloween should be a fun time for everyone in the family, including our furry friends. Be sure to check out our ready-to-go costumes for them, too. Because, if we’re honest with ourselves, who doesn’t want to see a dog dressed up as a bee?

Halloween Costumes for Pets

We, at Goodwill, wish you a fun and safe Halloween (check out our tips for safe Halloween activities) and look forward to seeing your good finds turn into great Halloween costumes! Share them with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hashtagging #GoodwillHaunting.