5 Safe Halloween Activities

Halloween decor spotted at our Snow Road store.
Halloween items spotted at our Snow Road store.

Just like everything else in our crazy pandemic world, Halloween is going to look a little different this year. With the big day approaching fast it’s important to plan ahead for the festivities. Some of your favorite activities might not be able to happen this year, but there are still ways to make this spooky season special with some help from Goodwill! Here are five ways to create safe Halloween activities for your family.

Decorate Your Home for the Season

We’re all spending A LOT more time at home. What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than to surround yourself with festive decorations? At Goodwill, we have a large array of Halloween decorations, from spooky to classic. You can find skeletons, ghosts and other interactive decorations for a fraction of the newly purchased price.

Trick or Treating: In-Home or Scavenger Hunt

Etsy Halloween Scavenger Hunt Checklist
Get this Halloween Scavenger Hunt on Etsy

Traditional door to door trick or treating may not be an option this year for some areas. That doesn’t mean that we should miss out on the fun! Shop Goodwill for Halloween décor to spookify your home or backyard. Then hide candy and other treats throughout your area of choice for the little ones to find. Feel free to add in some tricks to go along with all the treats.

Make trick or treating around the neighborhood more fun with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items for your little ones to look for around your area while out on a walk. Once they complete their scavenger hunt by finding all the items, they get a little treat bag or basket of candy. If you want to stay around the house, hide clues leading them to their Halloween treat bag! Check out our Pinterest page to find some free printable scavenger hunts and great treat bag inspiration for these safe Halloween activities.

Host a Small Outdoor Party

children watching outdoor projector movie

Have family over for some good old fashion pumpkin carving and scary stories. Make sure to have plenty of festive treats on hand for your team. Go all out for your party theme with a little help from your local Goodwill. Find décor, clothing, serving platters, and more all while staying on budget.

A more laid-back outdoor activity could be a socially distant scary movie on a projector. Pick your favorite Halloween movie and put little snack baskets or bowls of popcorn and candy corn for your guests. Ask everyone to wear their favorite Halloween sweaters or pajamas and you’re all set.

Costume Parade or Drive Through

Ask your neighbors to help you organize a small costume parade for the entire block. This is a great way for everyone to show off their Halloween costumes and stay safe! Each household will take a turn walking around the block as neighbors watch from their front porch or driveway. Liven up your parade march with a family routine. Have everyone vote on their favorite costumes and parade routines.

Instead of marching, establish a safe place that members can drive through. Create a Halloween backdrop to snap a photo of each family’s or person’s costume. Share the photos to a neighborhood social page or hang the photos under specific categories for people to cast their votes.

With the extra time stuck inside, this year is a great opportunity to create a costume that’s more unique. Shop Goodwill to find the supplies you need to bring it all together. Not only will you stand out but you’ll feel great with all the money you saved making your one of a kind costume come to life.

Plan Activities to Celebrate all Month Long

Halloween may be the last day of October but it’s the build up to the big day that makes the season especially fun. Visiting pumpkin patches, watching scary movies and planning the perfect costume are some of our favorite things to do leading up to the main event. This year we may not be able to participate in large Halloween parties or visit our favorite haunted house but there is still plenty of fun to be had!

DIY projects are perfect safe Halloween activities the whole family can enjoy. Plan a night with your family or a virtual night with a group of friends to complete a project. Check out our recent upcycle post, our Pinterest page or YouTube channel for some inspiration. Goodwill is a great place to find materials for your project or fun items that can be upcycled for the holiday.

However you decide to make this year special, these safe Halloween activities will be a unique experience that your kids will remember for years to come.