Why a Trip to Donate at Goodwill is on my To-Do List

Everyone thinks after the holidays the to-do lists are over and we can all finally relax. However, I still have a trip to donate at Goodwill on my list. Let me tell you why I’ll be taking a trip, or several trips, to my local Goodwill.

A few Unique Gifts

After the whirlwind of opening gifts, you’re often left with a lot of new clothes, toys, household items, and a few unique “I-don’t-have-a-clue-what-this-is-or-what-it-does” items. Where are you going to fit everything? I admit that I’m the person who tries to cram one more sweater in my dresser. And, I have a “catch-all” closet. You know, the one where you open the door, toss an item in, and hastily close the door before everything tumbles out. If this speaks to you, let’s change, together.

Clothing That has Been Outgrown

My son’s room is, well, a typical teenager room. It’s filled with clothes sprawled from one end to another, electronics, shoes, etc. He grew four inches this year so you can imagine the amount of clothes he has outgrown. While on winter break, he’s been tasked with gathering outgrown clothing (some still with tags on them) and any other items he no longer uses to take to Goodwill.
How many of us have clothing we either just don’t wear anymore or is in the category, “I’ll-wear-that-when-I-lose-those-10-pesky-pounds?” In an effort to be honest with myself, I’ll be cleaning out my own closet and making that trip to donate at Goodwill.

Excessive Holiday Decor

Ok, one more confession. I’m a Christmas decoration hoarder. To say I have an abundance of Christmas decorations is a gross understatement. So, I spent some time sorting and filling several bins of working lights, ornaments, gift bags, Christmas sweaters, and holiday décor that I no longer need. Did you know Goodwill sells artificial trees? Now that I’ve downsized to a smaller home, I have one tree too many so I’m donating a pre-lit tree that can hopefully bring Christmas joy to another home.

Helps our Community

I know that Goodwill can use these more than I can and do good with them. My Christmas decorations, clothes, purses, shoes, picture frames, knick-knacks, and electronics are all clean and in good condition. Goodwill will sell my items for money that will fund programs to help local people find jobs and strengthen families. In turn, those programs help build a strong community. And, isn’t that what we all want?

It’s a Good Feeling

Another thing I love about donating at Goodwill is the feeling I get when I drop off my items. My community has donation centers attached to the retail stores and it also has stand-alone Attended Donation Centers. I can drive up and the friendly attendants promptly greet me and assist in getting the items out of my car. I’m always thanked for stopping by with my donations and offered a tax receipt. I drive away with a good feeling knowing I’ve made a difference. Plan a trip to donate at Goodwill today.

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