Top 3 Travel Tips to Stay Chic on a Budget!

Regardless of whether you’re packing for an international trip, a road trip or a weekend getaway, here are the top 3 travel tips to keep you stylish and fun on a budget, all from your local goodwill. I added a few ideas to my travel list and stopped by Goodwill in Mayfield Heights to get all my essentials.

3 Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

1. Airport Chic

3 Travel Tips- Airport Chic
3 Travel Tips- Be Airport Chic

Catching a flight might be stressful, but your travel wardrobe shouldn’t be. The secret to looking effortless is having a reliable carry on and a chic outfit to match. No one said you can’t be fashion forward and comfortable. Grab a cute top and match a scarf that you can even tie around your luggage if it needs to be checked in or just an accessory for you!

2. Weekend Getaway

3 Travel Tips- Weekend Getaway

Going on a weekend getaway or just a road trip. Look effortless in a cute dress and a matching straw bag whether you plan to lay on the beach or explore some city views! Always check out the board games for something fun to do with friends and spend some quality time together.

Pro Tip: Get a wrap dress so it can act as a cover up at the beach if needed!

3. Shoes Shoes Shoes

3 Travel Tips- Shoes shoes shoes

What is going to make or break not only your outfit but also your trip? Shoes! Pick the wrong pair and it’ll be a painful trip but grab the right ones for a stylish and fun trip! A pair of comfortable flats for all your city walks, a cute pop of colour for days out and a pair for that date night or girls night out!

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Aimon is an influencer, entrepreneur as well as an experienced Fashion Runway Show Producer, Stylist, and Creative Director. She loves mixing her thrift finds and luxury purchases. She shares her style tips, thrift finds, and travel stories on Instagram @aimon.ali