Thrifted Valentine’s Day Party Décor

One of my favorite things about hosting parties is being able to repurpose décor items for my tablescape. This year I’m hosting a kid-friendly Valentine’s Day party for my family so it was the perfect opportunity to pull out all of the pink and red décor items I already owned as well as visit my favorite Goodwill located in Middleburg Heights to see what I could find to complete the tablescape. Anytime I shop for party items, I always thrift items that I could easily use year-round.

Keep reading for my favorite thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor ideas. 

DIY Valentine’s Day Gumball Machine

I immediately found a red gumball machine upon entering Goodwill and instantly knew I wanted to fill it up with Valentine’s Day themed candy. My toddler and I had a great time filling it up together. We can use this gumball machine year-round for any occasion. 

thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor

Beverage Dispenser with Infuser 

Not only was the red color perfect for Valentine’s Day but this beverage dispenser was brand new and cost only $5. I host a lot of family get-togethers so this will get a lot of use in our house, especially during the summer for barbecues and pool parties. 

thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor
thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor

Build your own Candy Bag Bar

I had some candy leftover after filling the gift bags for my child’s classroom so I decided to set it up as a candy bar for our family party. I used a pail and textured pink pitcher to fill with candy – both of which can be reused for other purposes at any given time. I often use the pitcher as a vase and the pail to fill with flowers or crayons. 

kids Valentine’s Day party
kids Valentine’s Day party

Valentine’s Wall Art

I’ve had this wall hanging from Goodwill for many years, sometimes it hangs on my front door but most of the time it lives on the wall near my kitchen plant. It was the perfect focal point thrifted accessory for my Valentine’s Day party décor set up. 

thrifted Valentine’s Day art

Heart Shaped Mirror

I thrifted this mirror from Goodwill back in December for my home but it couldn’t be more perfect for the party! I decided to set it up as a selfie station for the kids with props. 

thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor

Pink Glass and Dinnerware

I’ve collected secondhand and vintage pink dinnerware for years from Goodwill and I save it for special occasions like this one! The pop of pink was just what this table needed. 

thrifted Valentine’s Day party décor

Happy Thrifty Valentine’s Day! 

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