The ABC’s of Thrift Shopping

Before the kids go back to the classroom this fall, head to your local Goodwill store to brush up on your ABC’s of thrift shopping!

Learn the ABC’s of Thrift Shopping

Amazing finds!

Whether your kiddo is heading off to Kindergarten or onto college, Goodwill carries a variety of new and donated goods including jeans, uniforms, backpacks, shoes and electronics to start the school year out on the right foot. New items are continuously being stocked on the sales floor for a never-ending supply of great finds at affordable prices!

With so many local stores to shop and a steady stream of new donations coming into those stores, Goodwill will never give you that “all-the-good-stuff-is-gone” panic attack you might have when shopping at big-box stores as the start of school quickly approaches.

ABC's of Thrift Shopping - Amazing Finds at Goodwill
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Don’t forget to look for some of our top back-to-school items, many of which you might not realize you can find at Goodwill:

  • Adult shirts that can be repurposed as paint smocks for a preschooler’s classroom
  • Plastic crates, bins, and baskets that can be used to store school supplies
  • Wall décor, lamps, and seasonal decor for a college dorm room or new apartment
  • Instruments like guitars, horns, or metronomes for the budding music student
  • Calculators and flash cards for the math student
  • Bedding like sheets, blankets, and towels for the college student
  • Bicycles and helmets for riding to and from school
  • Backpacks and lunch boxes along with thermal and plastic drink bottles for students who enjoy a homemade lunch
  • Educational games, toys, books, globes, and maps
  • Jewelry, clothing, and accessories for all those classroom themed parties

Budget friendly!

At Goodwill stores you can find gently used, and new-with-tags, clothing, shoes, accessories and more at prices that are typically 50-90% less than large retailers. Whether you are on a budget, just love a good deal, frugal, or saving money for a special reason shopping at Goodwill stores help those money saving lessons to you children. Don’t miss an opportunity to save even more August 6-8 during Ohio’s tax-free weekend.

ABC's of Thrift Shopping - Budget Friendly!
ABC's of Thrift Shopping - Budget Friendly!

Thrift shopping at Goodwill stores also means you are giving second life to clothing and other items by reducing waste and keeping them out of landfills. Shopping in a thrift store like Goodwill is a valuable teaching moment. It’s a great chance to demonstrate to your children the value of being financially, environmentally and socially conscious.

Community strengthening!

Did you know that by shopping at Goodwill helps support programs like job training, hot meal programs, parenting classes, support of families in crisis and much more? Every year, your local Goodwill supports thousands of individuals in your community with programming that gives them a hand-up in life, not just a hand-out.

ABC's of Thrift Shopping - Community Strengthening

“It may not be foremost in your mind, but you’re helping the people in your community when you shop at Goodwill,” explained Vice President of Donated Goods Bryant Taylor. “Whether its dorm essentials or shoes for gym class, Goodwill is a great option for families looking to save. And all purchases support a network of programs that help thousands in our community.”

Before you restock your kids’ wardrobes with clothing and accessories at Goodwill, take a moment to go through their closet and clear out any items they do not wear or need anymore. Any clothing that does not fit can be donated to Goodwill. Goodwill will accept donations of shoes, accessories, books, furniture and other household goods! Keep a bag or box in the corner of your kids’ rooms designated for Goodwill donations. Then, before your next shopping trip, drop off your donations to Goodwill. You’ll keep your home organized and up-to-date while doing good for your community!

Now that you know the ABC’s of Thrift Shopping, Find a Location!

Locally, Goodwill Industries has several convenient locations for both donating and shopping this back-to-school season.