Trending Pantone Colors of the Year

How to Add Them to Your Decor & Wardrobe!

Each year the color experts choose a color that will be trending in home décor and wardrobes. Pantone picked two for 2021 because of the balance the two give to each other. One on its own could feel too bold and the other on its own too boring – but together they provide a lovely balance.

Illuminating & Ultimate Gray are colors I have worked with for an exceptionally long time for both wardrobes and home décor. Not everyone embraces them in the same way, for instance some prefer a toned down more mustard yellow instead of the brightness of Pantones color of the year, illuminating yellow. The yellow can be jarring for many to wear on a substantial portion of their body as in a dress or owning a large piece of furniture such as a couch. If you like the pop of color but want to bring it more softly into your home or wardrobe here are some ideas.

These items were found and purchased recently at the N. Olmsted Goodwill. Here is how I worked them into my décor and wardrobe, breathing new life into them while spending just eight dollars on all these finds.

How to use Pantone Colors of the Year in your wardrobe:

While shopping I came across this designer scarf and just knew I needed it to partner with the neutrals in my wardrobe of black, white, shades of gray and even navy blue. I always suggest wearing the best shade of any color that best perk-up your personal skin undertones, also so your wardrobe harmonizes and works well together.

Pantone Colors of the Year yellow scarf with white shirt
Yellow scarf with black shirt

How to use Pantone Colors of the Year in your Home Décor:

During another visit to Goodwill, I found two illuminating yellow bowls as I looked for pieces to add to my entertainment serving pieces. Perfect for a charcuterie board to hold nuts or olives or to use as a pop of color to my place setting as you see here.

Pantone Colors of the Year yellow bowl

Finding these pillows were a perfect match to the Pantone Colors of the Year as well and now provide a pop of color in my home. Making the most of your shopping dollars will serve you well especially if you put what you save into a savings account. As an example, the yellow scarf I purchased was a designer item and I knew what it previously retailed for on their website, so the difference I saved from buying at Goodwill went into my Christmas Club at my local credit union. Saving for future purchases can be so rewarding.

Pantone Colors of the Year grey pillows

Embrace the Pantone Colors of the Year to add a little joy to your day when you wear them and see them in your home. Feel the power of color.

TIPS for Shopping Goodwill while elevating your décor and wardrobe:

Keep a list of wants and needs.

Every idea gets put on my Goodwill list in a little notebook in my handbag. Take note of sizes of empty spaces on your walls for art or space for furniture or rugs. When I find myself walking through the store, I pull those notes out to keep me on track. Avoid buying haphazardly which only leads to cluttering your home. Be specific.

Be prepared for your finds.

Keeping protection for breakables in your trunk. Bubble wrap, newspapers or even paper bags will protect your great new finds until you get home.

Tools of the trade.

Cash is king and keeps you on budget. Measuring tape. Photos on your phone. I take photos of the spaces I am decorating and garments I am building around so I can check my memory before putting them into my shopping cart. I also have a photo file of inspiration items of what I am wishing to find, you could get lucky.

Avoid missing treasures.

I highly recommend shopping each aisle at least twice but the best is thrice. Some of my best finds were when I backtracked to the aisle multiple times. Easy to get distracted by something and miss other items. Shop your favorite Goodwill often, as items get added very often.

Buddy up with other Goodwill treasure hunters and share your shopping list.

I usually shop solo because that is what I do for clients on a regular basis. Although I discovered shopping with my sister is great when she is in town to help inspect linens for any imperfections having another pair of hands unfolding the larger items. Another benefit since we know what the other is looking for, we can be another set of eyes when shopping to avoid missing treasures.

Sign-up to reap the rewards.

Many Goodwill locations have a points system to earn as you buy your treasures – sign-up and save money.

Snap a picture at the door.

Our brain is on overload and remembering the color of the day for extra discounts gets forgotten while shopping in the back of the store. Snap a picture on your phone of the discount board on your way in for a quick double-check for savings.

Traci McBride

Traci McBride is a Life Stylist and founder of TeeMcBee Consulting Ventures, LLC, focused on individual personal styling and wardrobe management since 2008. Traci worked with and has been certified by Style for Hire’s Stacy London celebrity stylist.

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