New Years Goodwill Challenge

Every year, people make commitments to change their lives for good. This year, Goodwill is challenging you to not only change your life but help others in your community to change their lives for good too! The New Years Goodwill Challenge gives you four simple ways you can declutter your life and donate throughout the year. Every time you donate to Goodwill you help fund job development and life skills training for someone right in your community.

New Years Goodwill Challenge

Implement these four ways to declutter and donate throughout the year with the New Years Goodwill Challenge.

1. Holiday Decorations

You can always donate seasonal decorations to Goodwill regardless of the time of year. Don’t keep items in storage that you no longer enjoy display through the holidays. Cutting down on holiday clutter will make you feel refreshed and good knowing your donation is making a difference.

New Years Challenge - Holiday Decorations

2. Dedicate 20 Minutes

Pro Tip: Choose a different area of your home and dedicate 20 minutes to declutter each month!

Challenge yourself to start big and work your way to smaller areas of your home. And by big, we mean the kitchen, the most used area of the home. You’ll feel refreshed know the worst is out of the way and more ready to tackle other areas. That spatula you haven’t touched in months could help someone find a job that’s just right for them!

New Years Challenge - Dedicate 20 Minutes

3. Downsize your Book Shelf

Clear out books you’ve already read or no longer need and make room for new books to inspire you this year. Goodwill always has a huge selection of books at a fraction of the price of traditional retail stores. Donate a couple and choose a couple of new books, all while changing a life for good!

New Years Goodwill Challenge - Books

4. Clear out the Closet

Pro Tip: Add a bag or box to the bottom of your closet for items that no longer fit or you no longer want.

This makes clearing out the closest a simple stress-free task. At the end of each month or season, go through the box. If you haven’t thought about that item since adding it to the donate box, it’s time to give it to Goodwill.

New Years Goodwill Challenge - Donation Box

We hope this New Years Goodwill Challenge helps you live a better 2021. These four tips for decluttering your life can help you find more joy and help to change lives for good. Find a location near you to make a donation today or learn more about finding joy with Kon Mari.

New Years Goodwill Challenge