National Thrift Shop Day

For this National Thrift Shop Day, we wanted to hear from you about your love of thrifting. And you did not disappoint! We asked one question a day about your love of thrift shopping, and now we want to share the results.

What to Thrift

To kick-off, we asked what items were our fans favorite item to thrift shop. We gave the options of clothes, home goods, furniture, or other miscellaneous items. And the results came back that 50% of shoppers said they enjoy thrifting clothing the best!

Who to Thrift With

Next, we wanted to hear who people prefered to take thrifting. We asked our shoppers if they would rather thrift with their bestie or a family member. However, some of you let us know you’d rather thrift shop alone. (No one will snag those #goodwillfinds before you!) Tip to keep in mind from someone that enjoys thrifting with their bestie, “you find so much more with four eyes” when scouting treasures in our stores!

Adding a little bit of fun to these thrift shopping polls, we asked our fans if they could thrift with any celebrity who would it be? We had such a varied response to this question. Our fans named celebs from Beyonce to Luke Bryan and even Jesus! Plus, local celeb and thrifting queen Dina’s Days was mentioned a couple of times! Here’s a quick list of the celebrities fans named:

List of celebrities to thrift shop with

Why Thrift

Lastly, there are so many reasons to thrift shop but we wanted to know why our fans thrifted with us. We included several great options that could be your reason to thrift. One was the love of treasure hunting and finding those one-of-a kind items you can’t buy anywhere else. Can we get a hallelujah for saving money, especially when back to school shopping! And let’s not forget the environmental benefit to thrift shopping.

Did you know?

  • It takes more than 400 gallons of water to produce the cotton for one t-shirt.
  • Donating and purchasing gently used items helps promote a “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality.
  • This past year, your Goodwill diverted 1.2 million pounds from landfills.

Our fans agreed, these were all awesome reasons to thrift and they couldn’t choose just one. We got an overwhelming response for all of the above (even though that wasn’t an option we listed – our thrifters are just that awesome!)

Thrifting for those reasons are wonderful, but what makes thrifting at Goodwill even better is the lives you change just by shopping and donating at our stores. Every dollar spent in Goodwill directly supports one of the 26 mission services programs offered to people right in our community. Helping empower people with barriers to employment get and keep a job, in turn, strengthens our community.

Take a moment to watch Chris’ Success Story with Goodwill: