How to Create a Mother’s Day Tea on a Dime

Ahhh, Mothers of every age, shape, and size deserve to be honored every day, especially Mother’s Day, May 9th. Let me share a unique yet affordable way to celebrate mom.

You can put together this charming and unique event on any day that works for Mom. I am sure you have experienced going to a local restaurant or tea house on this celebrated day and feel rushed due to seating times. Create this tea to enjoy at your home or mom’s for a more leisurely event.

Not to worry if you do not own the tea accouterments; that is where Goodwill saves the day on a budget. Every Goodwill I visit always has at least a few teacups & saucers as well as teapots.

Mothers day tea party
tea party goodwill finds

Tips for preparing your tea party:

  1. Plan by visiting a few locations of Goodwill and look for teacups and pots that you love.
  2. Once you find those teacups, it will help develop your color theme.
  3. Consider what you already have at home to build on. Consider multiple uses for everything.
  4. Three-tiered serving trays can add to the specialness. You can either find it at Goodwill or create one from items you find at Goodwill. (see visual)
  5. Visit the Goodwill linens and cloth napkins to continue your chosen color theme.
  6. Scan the aisles for centerpiece ideas. It could be a small plant in a basket or a different teapot for additional charm.
  7. Plan the space inside or outside and the seating for guests.
  8. Plan & Shop for the food. Three necessary food courses for afternoon tea: Savory, Scones, Sweets

SAVORY bottom layer: The dainty finger sandwiches are not only delicious but beautiful. Many super easy recipes on google, but the three classics are Cucumber, chicken salad, egg salad, and cream cheese. Fresh dill is the perfect herb with all of these. An excellent local deli will have chicken and egg salad—no shame in buying it all ready to go.

SCONES middle layer: Made from scratch or an easy mix, you can even pick it up at the bakery when crunched for time. Perfect partners for the scones would be Lemon Curd (Trader Joe’s) Devonshire cream, your favorite jam, or preserves.

SWEETS top layer: The goal is small bites of yummy and beautiful sweets. Whatever your mom would enjoy, remember, if you are not a baker or do not have time to make everything yourself, take the pressure off and go to your local bakery.

Tea Party Tips:

  • Choose a few teas to give guests options. A green tea, a fruit tea, and black tea. Teabags or loose tea – I like to offer both. Tea strainers or infusers can be found at Goodwill or purchased online or at a local tea shop.
  • Fill carafes (find at Goodwill) with pre-boiled water to avoid spending all your time in the kitchen.
  • Use items you already own for your theme. Do you or mom collect figurines that could be used on your table?
  • Fresh flowers are perfect for Spring, like a cut or potted tulips or pansies – easy to find for less than five dollars.
  • Use cookie cutters for some of the sandwiches. Nothing sweeter than a butterfly-shaped tea sandwich.
  • Consider asking guests to dress up and wear or bring fancy and colorful hats or white gloves to make it extra fun and memorable.
  • Set the table the night before. Do as much the day before so sandwiches can be made last on the day of the event.
  • Assemble the sandwiches about an hour before guests arrive and wrap them in a moistened tea towel or paper towels to avoid drying out.
  • Be sure to take photos of your lovely guests to create Mother’s Day memories to cherish forever.

Traci McBride

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