How to Throw a Fabulously Thrifted Cookout

Prepare for a party this summer that will wow your guests with a sustainable twist! Whether you are manning the grill or setting the table, there are unlimited possibilities when you thrift for the perfect cookout.

  1. Don’t lose your favorite casserole dish!

Swinging by a BBQ? Stop by Goodwill and pick up a unique casserole dish as an alternative to lending out your own. This reduces the risk of losing your precious piece as well as limiting the need for disposable containers. Consider leaving the casserole dish behind as a hostess gift!

  1. Variety of vases

When sprucing up your tables, add vases or wicker baskets to your list. These inexpensive options are a great way to add an accent to any location and can even be used as a party favor for your lucky guests.

  1. Ditch the plastic and thrift your tableware

Reduce your trashcan’s waistline and consider thrifting your tableware. You can mix and match plates or even designate glasses based on your guests’ personalities! The possibilities (and options) are endless.

  1. Trendy on a dime

Show up in style by thrifting your red, white and blue digs at Goodwill. Take it a step further and pick an outfit that includes items you can wear throughout the summer, not just limited to one holiday. 

  1. Don’t love it? Donate it!

After the party is over, consider donating your party décor. Those decorative baskets could help someone land their first job interview. Goodwill is able to provide outreach support to local communities through funds raised through donations. Not only does Goodwill help employ people with disabilities and provide outreach support through Mission programs, but they also are keeping communities greener by providing alternatives to landfills for items no longer needed!

Click here to learn more about how your donations make an impact.

About the author: Shannon Enoch, Digital Marketing Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio.