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Miss the thrill of the thrift? You can hunt for Goodwill finds without leaving your couch or changing out of your PJs on


Shop Goodwill is an auction-based website featuring merchandise from Goodwills across the United States, including Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio.

Ranging from antiques to new items, Goodwills select items from donations that have e-commerce potential to post on the website. The online sales support the stores from which the item originated. This is just one more way you can support Goodwill GCECO without having to leave your home! Items can be shipped to your home, or in some cases can be picked up from the local store.

How Do I Shop?

There are several ways to shop Goodwill online but first, be sure to create an account so you can easily bookmark items. Here are three of my favorite ways to find what I’m looking for:

  1. Sort by local store. I like having the option to support my local Goodwill and the flexibility to avoid shipping costs by picking it up. You can easily browse items from Goodwill GCECO’s stores by clicking here If you win an item, you can pick it up Monday-Friday 8am-3pm at 17903 St. Clair Avenue(Employee Parking lot) Cleveland, OH 44110. If you’d rather have the item shipped, shipping costs vary based on item and weight. The bidding process lasts for seven days, during which the bidding and rebidding takes place. Items must be paid for within 10 days of the close of the auction.
  2. Use the search filters: Searching a huge selection can be overwhelming, that’s why I apply the same approach to online thrifting as I do to in-person thrifting: NARROW IT DOWN! I always make the most out of the search filters. If I know exactly what I’m searching for, say like a Louis Vuitton purse, I’ll start by typing that keyword in the search box at the top. Then I’ll narrow it down by category. If I have a spending limit, I’ll often narrow it down further by price, and then location to see if Goodwill Cleveland has any results.
  3. If I don’t have a specific item in mind, I’ll simply search by category and price.
  4. Take Advantage of the Header Features: I love browsing the featured items from the top menu bar such as the Hot 50 items and 1 cent shipping. I also like to browse the Buy It Now section for items I can purchase immediately!

Even if you’re not ready to shop yet, it’s fun to just browse the site to see all of the cool things listed from Goodwills across the country like this signed Andy Warhol print. If you’re shopping Goodwill GCECO’s listings, you’re in good hands because Goodwill GCECO’s e-commerce placed 19th in the country for sale in June, which means we have some fantastic donors and gems in the area!

10 things on my watch list right now:

Women’s Clothing:

1. White Dr. Martens boots: I’ve had Dr. Martens on my thrift wish list forever! So excited these are in my size, too.

2. Kate Spade lime green wristlet: this color is hot this season!

3. Madewell is one of my favorite brands and these shoes are perfect for summer.

4. Tory Burch Maddie heel.


5. Pyrex lime green 4pc set: I wasn’t kidding when I said I love lime green this season!

6. Picasso teapot:

7. Polaroid Camera: perfect activity to kill time while we’re stuck at home!

8. Vintage dollhouse: I’m always on the hunt for toys for my toddler daughter and this dollhouse is in excellent condition.

9. Yellow gameboy: I love finding video games from my childhood, bonus points for the fun yellow color.

10. Vintage 1972 Ouiga board: I love collecting old games, and I haven’t seen one of these in a while!

Dina Younis is a thrift blogger and host of the thrift podcast, Allow Us to Rethriftroduece Ourselves. You can follow her blog at or on Instagram at @dinasdays.