How to Find the Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Comfy is king! Covid has brought us a new normal, working from home, running to the grocery store, picking your kids up from school, meeting a client, suddenly things are a lot more casual. I’m not a sweat pants kind of girl. But, I do love comfort. I have found a way to have comfort and still feel like I’m getting dressed for the day….The boyfriend jeans… That’s what I wear-out for a casual and comfy day.

Boyfriend Jeans

How to Style your Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jean is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It is all in how you wear your favorite pair.  You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can pair them with a big comfy sweater, a bright white t-shirt or a striped top and a leather jacket.  A soft loose-fitting pair of jeans can feel like a pair of sweatpants.

Boyfriend Jeans
Velvet jacket and scarf from the North Canton location
Boyfriend Jeans
Leather coat, vintage men’s striped top and women’s size boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend Jeans
Vintage Men’s sweater and Men’s jeans, women’s scarf from Route 62 location

A lot of brands out there offer a boyfriend style or cut of jeans. I prefer perusing the racks at Goodwill. Why pay big bucks for a pair, when you can thrift a pair from Goodwill for a fraction of the cost.  Every Goodwill has a generous, actually more than generous selection of denim. I am talking about the women’s section as well as the men’s section. There are hundreds of styles to choose from. The whole boyfriend look? It’s really just about a baggy pair of jeans that hang on you in a way that looks like they’re not quite yours. They may have been a pair that you snagged from your boyfriend, husband or a friend.

The term boyfriend jeans is definitely a “loose” term. That’s stating that your boyfriend has bigger hips than you and in reality, a lot of times a woman’s hips are actually a little wider than a man’s.  There is no shame in that.  Those curves are why they like us ladies! You can achieve the same look from a pair of loose-fitting women’s jeans as well. 

Get the Boyfriend Jeans Look

finding Boyfriend Jeans
Rack of men’s jeans at the Tuscarawas location

How do you do it? If you want to be authentic, go to the men’s section at your favorite Goodwill retail store.  They are organized by waist size. Measure your hips at the point that you want them to hit.  I like my boyfriend jeans to fall just below my waist for more of a mid rise fit.  This flatters the drape of your shape.  You don’t want any part of yourself spilling out and you don’t want them too big and falling down either. The idea is loose comfort and great style. 

womens jeans
Women’s Jeans from the rack at the North Canton location.
real Boyfriend Jeans
Real boyfriend jeans from the North Canton location.

Rock the boyfriend jeans look with a pair of women’s jeans by increasing a size or two.  A looser fitting, larger size can accomplish this very easily.  The racks are organized by women’s sizes like the men’s.  This makes shopping for your perfect fit very strategic and fast. Cutting them off to the ankle is also an option for a frayed look with boots or flats.

Feel how soft the worn denim is to the touch

As you run your hand through the rack of jeans, you can feel the denim and the slight wear in many cases, which adds to the authenticity of the look.  The soft, worn denim is what gives the boyfriend jeans the comfy feeling of sweatpants. The beauty is that the brand of jeans has nothing to do with this look working.  It is about the fit!  Any brand of jeans will do.  Take the tags and labels out of the selection process.  It is liberating!  All brands are equal here.

Any Goodwill location will have dozens of jeans to choose from. The men’s jeans I chose had a hole in the knee but you can distress them yourself. Have fun, be comfy, save money, help Goodwill’s mission, look great. Find more information on the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans here…What will you Wear-Out today?

Christine Peterson is a fashion stylist with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University.  She has had careers as a stockbroker, financial advisor, insurance producer and general manager in the insurance and retail industries.  She has also developed sales, marketing, development and mixed media campaigns in the profit and nonprofit sectors. Christine has produced and directed fashion shows, designed accessories and clothing, and speaks and writes about all things fashion.  

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