Halloween Pet Costumes

This Halloween the Goodwill Marketing team was excited to share their furry friends in their spooky best! If you work at Goodwill, chances are you love all things Halloween – and that extends to the whole family. Here are some of our favorite Goodwill find Halloween Pet Costumes.

Bumblebee Kitty

Every year we search for the perfect Halloween costume at Goodwill for our dog. He had been everything from a taco to a hotdog. Last year he was a superhero and, actually, we think he wanted to wear the cape all the time.

Sadly, our Dood passed away this year. So, naturally, the focus is on the cat. She is oversized, fluffy, and, as with most felines, doesn’t exactly do things unless they are on her terms.

The costume would have to be simple, not only for her to wear but for me to put on her. The selection of costumes at the West Tuscarawas Goodwill was huge and I had a difficult time deciding between a unicorn, ladybug and angel. Ultimately, I found this adorable bee costume.

Bumble bee kitty costume

To say she wasn’t pleased she was now the pet in the house to be dressed up for Halloween is an understatement. While she continued to purr, I swear she was plotting my death.

Carefully putting her legs through the two armholes, snapping the three snaps, a then placing the hood on her head, I knew I needed to get a picture of her quick. And, done!

My cat is only four years old so she will be enduring my obsession with dressing her up in Halloween costumes for years to come.

I believe had I started dressing her in costumes prior to this year, the experience would have been better for both of us. But I can say, she was the cutest bee I’ve ever seen, if only for a moment.

If your kitty isn’t having any of it when it comes to costumes, maybe skip them and spoil her with small Halloween pet toys. The West Tuscarawas Goodwill had some so I picked up a few and also found some great yarn. I plan to make some yarn balls which I know she will appreciate even after Halloween is over.

Colleen Porter
Community Material Donations Manager

Witch Puppy

Puppies are the best! They are so cute and cuddly, and you just want to dress them up in the most adorable Halloween outfits. I spent an afternoon shopping at a few of our Goodwill stores for the perfect costume for Remi, our 13-week old Golden Doodle. Canal Fulton, Foxboro and Massillon had a good selection. I found a dinosaur outfit that fits Remi’s personality perfectly – she likes to bite… a LOT and has razor-sharp teeth. Unfortunately, the costume was too small.

Witch Hat Pet Halloween Costume
Witch Hat Pet Halloween Costume
Puppy not wanting to wear his witch hat

I set out again and found a teeny tiny witch hat at our North Canton store. The truth is she has bewitched us (see what I did there?) so it felt like a good choice. What I did not expect was that some puppies…by some, I mean Remi….do NOT like to be dressed up.

Remi=1; Halloween=0

Puppy wearing Witch Halloween costume
Puppy chewing on Witch Halloween costume

Janet Capocci
Manager of Fund Development and Community Relations

Jester Pup

Scout the dog

Meet Scout, a two-year-old Labradoodle that has been quite the amicable pup. Three little girls live in our house, and whether its dressing up Scout or tying her ears up in a pony-tail, this pup rolls with it. Never a growl. Never a bite.

We headed to Goodwill to find the perfect Halloween costume for Scout and came home with an adorable pink tutu and pink princess hat; a steal at just $2.99. We thought this would be the perfect costume for Scout, who oftentimes is mistaken for a boy dog. Although most dogs named Scout are male, she is named after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird, a little girl. To our disappointment, the size Medium princess costume was too small for Miss Scout.

Our second trip produced a better fit! The size Large Jester costume was less than $5 and fit perfectly… much to Scout’s dismay. She may have only left the hat on for a few moments while we took the picture, but we will attempt to keep this outfit on longer during trick-or-treating this year.

Maureen Ater
Vice President of Marketing and Development