Goodwill Finds into Halloween Costumes

As the weather gets crisp and leaves fall to the ground, many minds turn to thoughts of Halloween. Outfitting the kids in costumes can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. Explore your local Goodwill for imaginative ideas for trick or treating. Used clothes can become a frightening or funny costume. Search Goodwill for finds that will create a one of a kind Halloween costume.

So what Goodwill finds can be turned into Halloween Costumes?

Old Wedding Dresses

Many people who clean out their closets or attics decide to donate old wedding dresses. With an old wedding dress, an assortment of options can help transform the vintage white gown into something altogether different. Of course dressing as a bride with a veil is the obvious choice, but there are other options as well. By distressing the gown and veil and making them appear old and worn, it’s possible to transform the look into a zombie costume. A wig and some scary make-up could finish the effect nicely.

Clowning Around

A wide array of clown costume options exists in the Goodwill aisles. Used clothes can take on a comical flair when put together in the right way. An oversized plaid shirt, suspenders, and too-short pants could be the perfect clown costume. Goodwill has brand new Halloween costume accessories like wigs, which could help pull together a clown costume. Stroll down the shoe aisle and pick out a pair of oversized tennis shoes or wing tips to finish the ensemble. Grab some brightly colored makeup or paint for DIY shoes and clothing for a look that truly one of a kind.

Go Retro

If there’s one thing on the racks of thrift stores, it’s retro clothing. Explore the clothes in the Goodwill store to find retro pieces to build a funky outfit. A sock-hop teenager, a nerd in a sweater, a hippie from the 60s, or even a flapper from the roaring 20s are several ideas for costumes that might go together easily from separates found on clothing racks. The more you shop the more goodies you will find hiding on hangers and in bins.

Goodwill Finds into Halloween Costumes

The clothing and accessories found at Goodwill are more than just economical ways to stock closets and dressers. They are money-saving ingredients to imaginative Halloween costumes. Look for these 3 Goodwill finds to turn into Halloween costumes on your next shopping trip!