Goodwill DIY Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there are plenty of sustainable and creative ways to celebrate your loved ones this holiday! Whether you love to get crafty, wind down and relax or enjoy a nail-biting board game, these five DIY date night ideas are sure to add a bit of a twist to cupid’s favorite day!

1. Calling all crafty couples! Upcycle a pair of mugs from Goodwill as a reminder of your sweetheart. You’ll need a bowl of water, nail polish and a couple mugs. This is a great way to use up extra nail polish laying around or pick up a couple inexpensive bottles from the local convenience store. Simply fill a bowl with water and add a few drops of nail polish into the water. Once the nail polish makes a film on top of the water, dunk your mug into the paint. This will create a watercolor pattern on the mug for you and your partner to design however you like! If it comes out a bit different than you hoped, take nail polish remover to the paint for a fresh start.

2. What better way to celebrate love than with some healthy competition? Swing by Goodwill and pick up a couple of board games for a fun and lively date night! Kick it up a notch by grabbing new bowls for snacks and fun prizes for the winner of the night. For the sentimental pair, take a photo with your favorite game of the night and leave a copy in the game box to remember the reigning champion of the night.

3. Are you and your special someone DIY Designers? Try upcycling shirts that are to DYE for! Pick out a blank shirt for your significant other at Goodwill and snag a tie-dye kit from a nearby craft store. Spend the night tie-dying your new pieces and prepare for the conversations your new articles will create! Click the link below for a heart tie-dye tutorial!

4. For the folks that love a good laugh, take a turn at picking out each other’s outfits at Goodwill! Prior to Valentine’s Day, split up and shop for one another. The wackier the ensemble the better, and for a bonus, shop Color of the Week to receive 50% off select colored tags. When the big day comes around, don your new wardrobe and hit the town! Be sure to tag @goodwillgoodskills in your photo ops for a chance to be reposted.

5. In need of a night in? Stop by Goodwill and pick up a couple DVDs for a movie marathon! Make the night even more cozy by picking up pajamas and blankets for the family for the fraction of big box store prices. Experience Goodwill with a twist by stopping by the Goodwill Bookstore in Westlake. This is the perfect location to find dozens of books, trinkets and featured films on a dime!

About the Author: Shannon Enoch, Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.