God Save The Queen

This year is the Queen of England’s 70th Anniversary on the throne, and here at Goodwill, we have the perfect items for you to enjoy the Platinum Jubilee held in her majesties honor. So hop in the carriage, and head to the stores. Celebrate the longest reigning monarch in fashion with tea and haughty hats as we give you the scoop on how to dine and dress for the momentous occasion.  

Tea with the Queen: 

If you’re going to be celebrating the queen, then it’s only natural that you have a tea party worthy of her majesty. To prepare the perfect spot of tea, fine China is in demand, and fine china we have indeed. Goodwill has hundreds of beautiful ornate tea sets without the ugly prices. 

Pay notice to teacups with an elegant floral design on them. In honor of the flower fan herself, it’s only right that we have a set as beautiful as the “Queen Elizabeth” rose. Didn’t know? The queen has a rose named after her! The royal rose was crafted in honor of her majesty’s coronation back in 1953. 

To decorate my table a little more I picked out a tablecloth that accented my china perfectly. And since I believe a table without a centerpiece might as well be naked, I snatched these gorgeous glass vases. At Goodwill, we have an array of glassware to choose from. So don’t be shy, take two, three, twenty, and fill those treasures up with flowers! 

Hats & Class: 

If you’re a royal junkie like me, some of the hats seen worn by the queen, princesses and duchesses have you drooling. The royals have hats in every color, some with fabulous feathers, fine flowers, and over the top designs that I’m fairly sure defy the odds of gravity. With that in mind, look at Goodwill’s hat selection. I mean, you couldn’t really expect to show up to the Queens Jubilee without a hat, right? 

Below are hats I thrifted from our Canton store; however, they weren’t regal enough. Nothing fake flowers, hair clips and a hot glue gun couldn’t fix. 

Tell the Duchess of Cambridge she’s got some competition! Only kidding of course, but I can promise you these hats are cheaper than those of Kates. 

Now you have teacups, plates, and saucers fit for a queen, and a one-of-a-kind hat to wear for the special occasion. Enjoy this royal treatment courtesy of Goodwill’s fine china and hats as you have a spot of tea in celebration of the longest reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth. Hopefully, this lavish tea party makes you feel like royal tea!  

About the author: Evelyn Willet, Marketing Intern for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio.