Four Reasons to Thrift Your Halloween Costume

Practically every costume I’ve made over the years started with something I spotted at Goodwill that inspired an idea. Whether I’m looking for a ready-made costume like a cupcake for my daughter or pieces to DIY a unique costume, I can always find what I’m looking for at Goodwill. 

Never thrifted a Halloween costume before? Here are four reasons why you should this year:

1. The Variety

Step into a Goodwill in the fall and within minutes you will understand why you should reconsider buying a costume at full retail price. Goodwill is bursting with fantastic costumes for kids. Everything from oh-so-adorable infant costumes to on-trend characters.

2. Endless possibilities for DIY creations

You don’t have to be super crafty to DIY a costume – because trust me, I’m not! It is actually really fun spending time shopping for different parts and building a costume together. I make a list of things to search for at Goodwill and keep my wish list handy when I’m thrifting. It’s such a thrill when it all comes together like my mommy and me Cruella de Vil costume. 

To make this costume, I simply thrifted the coat, black dress, bag, shoes, and gloves and purchased the wig and props online. Then, I completed the look with an infant dalmatian costume from Goodwill.

3. Thrifting a Halloween costume teaches kids the value of bargain shopping

Taking children to Goodwill to pick out their costumes can be a fun activity for the family (if they are old enough!) It teaches them not only how to become excellent bargain hunters, but more importantly the value of secondhand shopping – especially for something they will only wear a few times. 

Ask them to think of a few costume ideas in advance, set a spending budget, and head to a couple of Goodwill stores and see what you can find.

4. Goodwill is the perfect place to get a costume for that infant photo-op

Let’s be real: aren’t most of us buying Halloween costumes for our 6 month old babies for the adorable photo op? I know I did! Infant costumes can cost upwards of $30 at regular retail stores but you can get them for a fraction of that price at places like Goodwill. Many of the infant costumes I spotted at Goodwill were either brand new or in like-new condition.

Four reasons to thrift your Halloween costume
Four reasons to thrift your Halloween costume
Four reasons to thrift your Halloween costume

What are your reasons to thrift your Halloween costume? If you have another reason to thrift this Halloween we want to hear it! Happy Spooky Season!

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