Five Hacks for Your Dream Dorm

Your college move-in date to the dorms is creeping up. You waited all summer. You’ve been adding ideas to your Pinterest board. Grab a coffee to go, and a shopping cart. Its go-tim

But how much are books this semester? How much is room and board? And exactly how much is that drink your holding in your hand? As exciting as it is to cater to the luxurious vision we want in our living quarters, we’ll only put ourselves in more debt by doing so. But don’t worry! There are loads of untapped potential for décor in local Goodwill stores.

Evelyn Willet, author
  1. Sophisticated Storage:

 Goodwill stores are a goldmine for unique and sensible storage options. From basic plastic drawers to cute jewelry boxes, most Goodwill stores have a variety of sizes, shapes and functionality. Don’t like the color? Get creative! Try painting the piece or adding bling. Pinterest has a variety of techniques that even the less crafty folks could try!

  1. Games Galore:

If you want to meet new people in the hall and attempt to get closer with your roommate, I suggest thrifting a few board games. This is a wonderful way to break the ice with your roommate and a clever way to reach out to others in your new living space. If you are the one to invite people over for game night, soon everyone will know your name because of all the fun they have playing cards or apples to apples with you. Most board games can be snagged at the local Goodwill for less than $5, only a fraction of the retail price.

  1. Wonderful Wall Art:

Leaving home might mean leaving behind some of your favorite décor pieces. Consider decorating our space with pieces that are meaningful. An easy way to do this is to thrift a corkboard from your local Goodwill. If you don’t have luck spotting one, try picking up a piece of thick poster board from a craft store! Next, cover your board with a thrifted tablecloth, cloth napkin, or bedsheet. Add pieces of ribbon or buttons for additional design elements. Lastly tack on your favorite family photos and memorabilia. Viola! Your dorm is one step closer to feeling like home!  

  1. Perfectly Potted Plants:

Plants are a great addition to any dorm room. Indoor plants reduce carbon dioxide levels, reduce pollutants, and improve your overall health. Plants like succulents are easy to maintain, even for busy college students. Consider making everyday Items into flowers vases for your dorm. Here is a thrifted seashell, snagged from a local Goodwill for less than $3 that made the perfect succulent pot.

  1. Bring a Bedspread to Dye For:

Add color and personality to your dorm by tie dying your bedding material. I recommend this crafty tip if you want a little pizzazz added to your room. I thrifted a pillow and a large t-shirt, which I made into a pillow cover. And, I found a white bed sheet at Goodwill. After a few basic stitches to sew the ends, I had a little bleach tie dye party. It’s bright and colorful and oh-so inexpensive!

By the end of this thrift haul, your dorm will be the belle of the hall. Instead of shopping big box stores for pieces to enhance your temporary home space, thrift it instead. Along with having a wicked cool room, you’ll get dorm necessities for a fraction of the price you’d pay anywhere else.

About the author: Evelyn Willet, Marketing Intern for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio.