BINGO and Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day to celebrate how we treat the earth and how we will preserve the earth for generations to come.

Since its inception more than 100 years ago, Goodwill has been an earth-friendly business. At its core, Goodwill is a recycler. Material donations are recycled and find a new life when they are sold in the network of retail stores. The stores are closed right now because of the COVID-19 virus, but donations are still being accepted at seven ‘no touch’ donation centers.

I honor of Earth Day, recycle your unwanted clothing or housewares and donate to Goodwill. The sale of those goods (when the stores open) help to fund 27 different outreach programs in our community.

Looking for some Earth Day fun? How about Earth Day Bingo!

These four different Bingo sheets can be downloaded and printed for you and the whole family to have a little earth friendly fun. Right click on each image to save and/or print.

Earth Day Bingo 1