10 Terrifying Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! With that being said, many of folks may be diving through their closet looking for a last-minute costume to put together. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Rather than buying a pricey garment you’ll likely only wear once or twice, consider upcycling what you have into a look that will have even the kindest witch green with jealousy.


For those who want to have a sweeter than scary Halloween, try a princess outfit! This can be made in three easy steps: ball gown, crown and sparkly shoes! If you don’t have a gown, Goodwill is your place to go. While any pair of heels or flats could work that you have at home, you can get the perfect princess dress anywhere from $8-$10!


Have you gotten your Hogwarts letter? If not, no worries! Rather than buying your house robe, substitute a black graduation gown for the evening. Finish the look with a broom, scarf and glasses. I was able to find this scarf and broom for $8.58!  


There’s nothing that says Halloween quite like a classic costume. Whether you are a good witch or a bad witch, this can be a costume bound to leave your friends spellbound. Pull together a black dress, black shoes and a witch’s hat. To go above and beyond, consider picking up a cape and broom to complete the look. Goodwill had the perfect hat, broom and cape for $12.17!


This one goes out to the farmers out there (or those who just really love flannel). For this costume you’ll need a flannel shirt, jeans/overalls and a straw hat. The great thing about this costume is the level of detail you can add to it, time permitting. To add some extra pizzazz, hot glue straw around the sleeve holes and additional openings in the clothing. At Goodwill I found my hat and was inspired by their Halloween BOOtique section to add a rubber spider to my ‘fit, totaling $7.59!

Rosie the Riveter

For a more historical approach, Rosie the Riveter is a must for any strong women or girls. Break out your denim jeans, a blue button-up and bright red bandana to get into character. Red lipstick can also be added as an extra touch. These two pieces together came to $14.77 and will serve as individually practical pieces I know I’ll be wearing again soon.


Just like the princess piece, this fairy costume goes great for those who are more interested in the light side of this spooky holiday. Starting with a short gown, add a pair of ballet flats and wings to complete the look. For a younger trick or treater, I found this dress for $4.11!  

Zombie bride/groom

Have you ever wanted to be the scariest one in the room? Well, this one is for you. In case you do not have dated wedding attire in your closet, Goodwill is the place to search! I’ve found wedding dresses and other formal garb for around $20. The last step is to cover yourself in all the fake blood and goo you can find. For an added bonus, you can grab a pair of zombie teeth from Goodwill for 1.69, I repeat- 1.69!

Secret Agent

For a more serious approach, this outfit will get you or your little one cleaning up well. All that’s needed is a suite, pair of shades and an attitude that means business. If you’d rather not risk your little one’s ‘Sunday best’, you can pick up children’s formal wear from Goodwill for around $10! To kick it up a notch, your secret agent can carry around a suitcase for trick or treating if the plastic pumpkin is a threat to his identity.


By far one of the most fun costumes I’ve seen, the tourist. This outfit is all about the little details, but thankfully you most likely have these around the house already! Starting with the base layer, you’ll need a summer/Hawaiian button-down shirt and khaki shorts- the higher the rise, the better. Next add a visor, sunglasses and white makeup to your nose (for sunscreen). To keep your pockets free of clutter, opt for a fanny pack. Lastly don your favorite tube socks and comfiest shoes. There you have it! I was able to get these three pieces for under $16.  

Where’s Waldo

This outfit is guaranteed to have the party looking for you! One of the more simplified costumes, all you need are: jeans, a red and white striped shirt, glasses and a red and white hat. If this seems a bit ‘standard issue’, feel free to pick a theme to dress waldo as; zombie waldo, beach waldo or ghost waldo! I found this scarf for $1.11 at Goodwill that matched the theme AND will keep me toasty in the oncoming winter.

About the Author: Shannon Enoch, Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.