Ohio and West Virginia Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Get ready for Ohio’s Back to School Tax Free Weekend, August 5-7 and West Virginia’s Back to School Tax Free Weekend, August 5-8!

Whether your kiddo is heading off to Kindergarten or onto college, Goodwill carries a variety of new and donated goods including jeans, uniforms, backpacks, shoes and electronics to start the school year out on the right foot.  New items are continuously being stocked on the sales floor for a never-ending supply of great finds at affordable prices!

Don’t forget to look for some of our top back-to-school items, many of which you might not realize you can find at Goodwill:

  • Adult shirts that can be repurposed as paint smocks for a preschooler’s classroom
  • Plastic crates, bins, and baskets that can be used to store school supplies
  • Wall décor, lamps, and seasonal decor for a college dorm room or new apartment
  • Instruments like guitars, horns, or metronomes for the budding music student
  • Calculators and flash cards for the math student
  • Bedding like sheets, blankets, and towels for the college student
  • Bicycles and helmets for riding to and from school
  • Backpacks and lunch boxes along with thermal and plastic drink bottles for students who enjoy a homemade lunch
  • Educational games, toys, books, globes, and maps
  • Jewelry, clothing, and accessories for all those classroom themed parties

Before you restock your kids’ wardrobes with clothing and accessories at Goodwill, take a moment to go through their closet and clear out any items they do not wear or need anymore. Any clothing that does not fit anymore can be donated to Goodwill, along with shoes, accessories, books, furniture and other household goods! Keep a bag or box in the corner of your kids’ rooms designated for Goodwill donations. Then, before your next shopping trip, drop off your donations to Goodwill. You’ll keep your home organized and up-to-date while doing good for your community!