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Golf for Good

On Friday, September 20, 2019, community and business leaders will gather for an exciting day of golf to raise funds for the programs and services provided by Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio. This inaugural event, Golf for Good, will be held at The Quarry Golf Club in Canton.

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Support of Golf for Good helps thousands of individuals and families in our community. Proceeds from this event will support Goodwill’s crisis voucher program which provides much needed clothing and household goods to people who are homeless or facing an emergency situation. Last year, more than 3,200 people were helped through this valuable service.

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Registration is available for individuals and foursomes and include a round of golf, lunch, dinner, door prizes, contests and raffles. To register click here. Sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting Nicole Curet, Manager of Fund Development and Community Relations at or by phone at 330-617-4734.


Back to School Challenge - Boys Edition

As any mom with four kids can tell you, back to school shopping can be TOUGH! Combine all the new clothes needed with the school supply essentials and it can get pretty expensive. So as any thrifty mom would do, I am always looking for a deal! That is my FAVORITE thing about my local Goodwill. I always leave with at least one bag (normally several 😉) of great items at a fraction of what they would have cost me in a different store. And this trip was no different.

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Three of my kids are boys and they all have their own unique approach to fashion.  Shopping with them can be fun and interesting for sure, but they also get bored easily! One thing they all love is games, so we created a shopping challenge for our trip to Goodwill’s North Canton location. Since it was a Sunday, items with green tags, the color of the week, were only $1. The challenge was to see how many items they could find, that they would ACTUALLY wear, that fit them, that had a green tag. My goal was to find a couple pieces for each kid and not leave with an empty wallet!

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Here’s a breakdown of each kid and how they fared in the challenge:

Jack is an athlete and loves video games. He also tends to be more comfortable in a hoodie and jeans than anything dressy. For him, we always look for loose, comfy fabrics and specifically items that can be worn in all types of weather. His favorite article of clothes is a long sleeve shirt with a hood that he wears all the time, so I was super excited to find something similar AND with a green tag! He loved the design and the softness of the shirt. He also picked up a simple pair of black athletic shorts that I have no doubt will be worn by the end of the day!

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Dominic is 7 and a soon-to-be 3rd grader. He is always on the move so having clothes that are durable but also cute is super important. He likes bright colors and tends to gravitate towards t-shirts and soft fabrics. He found what he describes as his “Most AWESOME 1st day of school outfit”! He paired up a super soft gray polo with a bright pair of (new with tags!!) shorts. Both items fit the challenge and he even found a nice, colorful button down shirt for picture day.

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Alex is heading to middle school this year and wanted to update his wardrobe in very specific ways. He loves a good collared shirt and if the shorts match that’s even better. I should also mention that he has grown 6 inches (!) since school got out in May. Literally none of his clothes fit! Finding clothes for him wasn’t just important but also a necessity. He really was the big winner this trip. He found 5 items and all of them had a green tag! He walked away with a striped long sleeve hoodie, a Hollister t-shirt, an orange button down shirt, a pair of athletic shorts and brand new khaki cargo shorts.

Pic 5

The best part of this trip for me was dropping off the bags of clothes that they have grown out of to make room for their new finds! Cleaning out their closets happens a couple times a year since they have been growing so fast and we love that our donations can help others in our community. Plus it leaves room for more Goodwill finds in the future!

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All in all this trip made everyone happy but especially the fact that we got all of this for only $10! (Tax-free weekend y’all!!) This mama’s thrifty heart is happy 😊

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