Dorm Room Essentials

School is right around the corner and for those heading to college for the first time it can be stressful and exciting to get everything you need for your dorm. From necessities to personal touches Goodwill can help find everything you’re looking for at a great price. Here are just a few Goodwill finds every college dorm must have.

1. Desk Lamp

Your roommate shuts off the lights to go to bed, but you still need to study for that big exam tomorrow. Desk lamps from department stores go for anywhere in between 20-60 dollars. This desk light spotted at Goodwill’s Foxboro location is perfect for those late night study sessions.


2. Sound Systems

Found at Goodwill’s Tuscarawas location, these speakers are perfect for a dorm room. Not too big, but not too small so music can be played while kicking back on the weekends or doing homework. Plus, they add a vintage element that no one else will be able to copy.


3. Book Holders

Books can accumulate over the course of the year. With these book holders found at Goodwill’s Tuscarawas store, from Harry Potter books to your Intro to Calculus book, storing and organizing your books has never been easier.


4. Waste Bin

A college dorm room can get messy very quickly. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a trash bin when you can go to your local thrift store and buy it for a fraction of the price. This bin was found at the Goodwill on Tuscarawas.


5. Kitchenware

You can’t cook gourmet meals in a dorm room, but sometimes it is nice to have some plates in case you are having a quick little snack. Also, this Ohio State thermos is perfect for coffee lovers and getting you ready for those 8 a.m. classes. These dinning essentials were found at Goodwill’s Foxboro location.


6. Decorative Pieces

No dorm room is complete without adding your own personal touch. These ancient Egyptian and American history pieces, found at the Goodwill at Foxboro, will give your dorm room the spice-up it needs. Visit the art section to decorate with unique designs or inspirational signs. And of course you should grab a couple new frames to take all your family and friends from home with you.


Making your dorm room feel like home while staying on budget is easy with Goodwill. We’ve only touched on a few dorm room ideas, but the possibilities of great Goodwill finds are endless. Share your favorite dorm finds in the comments below or hashtag #GoodwillDormRoom on social media.

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