Report to the Community Breakfast

The Report to the Community Breakfast, now in its 17th year, is a showcase to the community of the accomplishments of the past year for their local Goodwill, and a peek into the future. This year, the vision for the future was clear….GROW.

“The theme of our breakfast really sets the tone for the rest of the year in how we communicate with the public and our staff,” commented Vice President of Marketing and Fund Development Maureen Ater. “Last year’s theme of ‘rise’ was appropriate as Goodwill was truly rising from a difficult time. Our CEO at the time, Ken Weber, had passed away. We had experienced a devastating warehouse fire. And, our store sales were struggling. Now, we are poised and focused on growth as an organization.”

Looking back at 2018, it was certainly full of growth for Goodwill, specifically, when looking at the number of people served through mission programming… a nearly 15% growth, year over year.

Bright colors and a cheery spring feel welcomed a record crowd of more than 380 guests to the event.

Another theme that was introduced through the décor was that of recycling. This past year alone, Goodwill had 586,235 material donors and were able to divert 12.8 million pounds from area landfills. For the event, glass vases sourced from local Goodwill stores were used as the centerpieces for the event. Guests were given the opportunity to purchase the recycled centerpieces.

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Did You Know: Americans throw away enough glass every week to fill a 1,350-foot building? 

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Speaking of growth, our first award winner Alexzandria Nelson has accomplished so many goals while working with her Dream to Achieve Coordinator Matt Phiney. “When she first started the program she felt stagnant in her position and was unsure of what she may be able to do. At the time, Alex needed encouragement to let her know that she has the skills, experience, and drive to accomplish her goals”

Our Dream to Achieve Program was established to not only help people find employment but to help people move towards sustainable living. This program is more intensive working with individuals one on one to meet their goals as well as a monthly peer support group.  

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Watch Alexzandria’s Journey!

Goodwill Industries support also helped Sydnie Kitson, the 2018 Graduate of the Year award winner, explore new opportunities and find her passion. She was first introduced to Goodwill services through our Summer Youth Work experience program which allows students to explore a variety of career and job opportunities.  Our Summer Youth Program is a part of our Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) for people ages 16-24 who may have barriers to employment.

Sydnie then moved into our Job Development program where she learned job skills and soft skills that helped her to gain employment. With assistance from her program specialist, Crystal Page, she has developed her passion for helping children and grown in her confidence.  Today Sydnie works as a Child Watch Attendant at a local YMCA.

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Watch Sydnie’s Journey!

The Edgar J. Helms Award was given to Daniel Baltzly because of his determination to work hard while always maintain his positive outlook. Daniel was apart of Goodwill’s Job Development Program working closely with Susan Gardner his Goodwill Job Coach. He worked in a Goodwill store learning in a controlled environment and gaining job skills and confidence. Later, he was hired as a Parking Lot Attendant for Giant Eagle, becoming one of the hardest working and well-known employees.

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Watch Daniels Journey!

If you’re interested in learning more about Goodwill’s employment services click here.  You can also watch all our award winner’s journeys on our YouTube channel.  


Event photos by Terry Horner Photography

Award winner video and photographs by Mosher Media

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