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I heart Goodwill! Thrifting for Valentine’s Day!

Hello again fellow thrifters! With Valentine’s Day only a few days away and the looming question of “what the heck am I going to wear” playing over and over in my head, I knew it was time to take a trip to The Goodwill. My husband and I don’t usually do anything fancy for Valentine’s Day but we do enjoy spending the day together and I knew going into my day of thrifting that I needed an outfit that would be appropriate for whatever the day may hold, whether that be a museum, a movie or just a quiet dinner together.


I decided to go to the North Olmsted Goodwill because of the size and selection it offered. To build my outfit I used a method that proves to be effective when I’m searching for an outfit for an event or date. I always do a lap around the racks looking for one single piece that strikes my interest that I can build my whole outfit around. I find this to not only be a timesaver but also prevents me from spending extra money on clothing I do not need (however, I usually do sneak in a few special pieces if I come across a good bargain).


The piece of clothing that caught my eye first was this shirt. The brand of the top is a.n.a which is commonly found a JCP and Kohl’s. I scouted this out simply by color, I liked the dark red, pinks and whites for Valentine’s Day, but when I took it off the rack I completely fell in love with the bell sleeves and ruffle bottom. It was not only girly but because of the sleeve and deep red color it had a vintage look to it that I knew my husband would absolutely love. I quickly looked over the shirt to check for stains and or holes but thankfully it was in perfect condition. SCORE! The best part yet is that it had a ticketed price of 6$ but because the tag of the week was blue I was able to take it home with me for only 3$! DOUBLE SCORE!


The only drawback to this shirt was that I knew the daunting task of finding a modern fit pant that actually fits was upon me. I know a lot of people have no issues finding pants while thrifting but I must admit that I am very picky. I have a checklist that all pants must pass for me to buy them: they must be mid to high rise, they must be slim to skinny fitting, and of course they need to be in good shape with little to no repairs needed. That being said, I found these pants in half a second and nearly fainted.


For the most part I do not wear cords, my husband on the other hand has some strange affinity for them, so when I saw that not only were they my size but also a perfectly matching color I knew it must have been a sign from the thrifting angels. These pants are from The Loft and the quality of the corduroy was excellent, they are butter soft and gently used. Unfortunately these did not have a blue tag but they still only cost me 8$, which considering the condition as well as the name brand, I didn’t mind spending a little extra on them.


After trying the pieces on together in the dressing room, checking to make sure they not only fit but also paired together well, I thought my outfit was complete and I’d just use heels I already owned. But no thrifting experience can be completed without at least checking out the shoes… oops. Of course I found a pair a booties that spoke to me. I kept fighting myself saying “are they too matchy-matchy?” “When will you wear these again?” “Do you need to spend 8$ on them?” but the rational side of me spoke up and said “they’re probably not even your size, try them on first”… And like Cinderella, the shoe fit perfectly and we lived happily ever after together. Thankfully when I got home and tried them on with the whole ensemble, I actually loved how well everything matched. It goes against typical look, but it’s a risk I’m glad I took.


My outfit would not be complete without some accessories, so to finish everything off I incorporated my thrifted fuzzy pink clutch to add a little spunk and an extra splash of color. The necklace is another thrifted find that I’ve had for years and matches pretty much any outfit. Lastly my husband got me a custom pair of hoops for Christmas and I just knew he’d love to see me wearing them.


So in the end, I left the store with an entire outfit that cost me only 19$ from head-to-toe. I made not only myself happy, but also my husband happy, and most importantly, my wallet happy! What’s great about this outfit is that these are pieces will work into my wardrobe well. I try my best when shopping for a date night or evening out with friends to buy things that will serve me for more than one use. Because everything I bought in this trip is modern they match well with some of my quirkier thrifted finds. I hope everyone has an amazing Valentine’s Day, I’m sure your outfits will look amazing!