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Goodwill Thrifted Patio

Dover, Ohio- I was thrilled when Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio asked me to feature a Thrifted Patio for Spring 2018.

From the moment I pack the last of the Christmas decor away, I am planning for my spring patio.

It’s like getting a whole new room each summer, and the ability to change the color theme.

People often ask me why I have such good luck finding great items by thrift shopping. I'm happy to share my base principles:

  1. To find a bargain, you have to look everyday. My personal schedule allows me to go 3 days a week. If you don't get to it first, someone else will.
  2. At my local Goodwill store in New Philadelphia, I start at the left and walk the perimeter then head to all the in between aisles that brings me back to the cashier for checkout (Amazing how much you can see in 30 mins).
  3. I have purposely chosen neutral colors pallets on my interior walls and main pieces of furniture so I can make almost anything blend in.
  4. Spray paint and chalk paint is your friend. Watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can. It really is easy peasy to use. 
  5. The beauty of thrift shopping is having a statement piece or “look” that no one else can mimic.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use indoor pieces on the outside. Add all the layers possible (pillows, blankets, lamps, buffet, stools...)
  7. Putting a look together is a gradual process. I have a space at home where I gather and store items over a period of months.
  8. All of the items you see featured on my patio, I will be able to pull inside and use during the winter months.

 Outdoor Patio Furniture

This year, working with my existing exterior furniture, I decided to go with a white and black theme and pops of green from nature.


Angle view Outdoor Patio Furniture

I added new-to-me items all from my local hometown Goodwill in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Above sources: Cream boho style pillow case (Goodwill)....

Cream knitted throw blanket (Goodwill)

Cream pillows with black Pom poms (Goodwill)

Side table (Thrifted find)

2 brass lamps (because brass is in! Goodwill as well)


2 Copper stools (Goodwill)

Copper stools to be used as small tables or pulled apart to add extra seating. I love the copper against the black.

copper end tables

Pillow and end table

Above sources: Cream knit pillow (Goodwill)

Boho style throw that can be used as a table covering as well (Goodwill)

Large glass hurricane, mini white stacked dishes inside and candle (Goodwill)

Wicker stool spray painted copper by Rustoleum to match the other stools (Goodwill)


Stenciled Rug

I took my existing outdoor rug of 4 years, flipped it and used a stencil from to create a new design and pattern. The stencils is a great way to update your wood porch or concrete patio slab

White Dish Placesetting

I thrift shop for white dishes everywhere. They always match and compliment any theme party your might have.

Right Corner Patio View

Inviting outdoor space that will be summer’s best living room for morning coffee and sunday afternoon naps.


My patio is long and narrow, so i treat it like a galley kitchen. Across from the grill, I have placed a long dining buffet to be used for storage and outdoor entertaining and parties. The mirror will act as a holder for any wreath, decor banners, etc…

I splurged on the boxwood orbs to place in my existing urns. I love english gardens and they tie in nicely for added greens.

Sources: Buffet and mirror from Genevieve’s On 2nd Street, Dover, Ohio


Wine Box for Dessert Plates

Wine box from Goodwill housing dessert plates.

Before and After Patio Views

A comparison of my patio from last summer to this summer. It always felt washed out with the tan and light grays. A rug flipped and painted with a stencil, a wicker stool repainted, thrifted items for layering, light cream with black and copper accents for the fix. Happy Spring and summer decorating!


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