Dressing for Spring with Kristi of Trendy Teacher

Northeast Ohio weather can make Winter to Spring wardrobe transitions tough.  In a week’s time, we could have weather in the 60’s then snow/sleet and cold overnight.  I believe dressing for Spring can be simplified if you stick to the basics, which in my opinion are transitional pieces mixed with pops of pastel, neutral and or floral!  

First let’s start by talking blazers, long sweaters, and kimonos.  Sometimes I want to wear a cute floral top or pastel blouse, but it’s just too cold for me to pull off (I refuse to freeze all day!).  Remember that layers are your friend!  If I want to wear a thinner type of top with short or no sleeves, I’ll usually add a tank underneath and something over the top like a lighter colored cardi or opened button down.  Lighter colors, florals, and neutrals are my typical “go-to” choices. 

Spring Fashion 1

Let’s talk florals, since I already mentioned them!  I swear florals have been going strong for years and Spring 2018 is no different.  What else screams Spring like pretty flowers and color?  I have thrifted many floral pieces over the past few years, including older/vintage pieces and newer/trendy pieces.  A quick tip; find floral that you feel good in and that makes you happy (even when the showers outside seem never ending!).  I love pairing floral pieces with solids, or for a more bold look, a complementing pattern (which also seems to still be pretty popular when worn correctly).I assure you, floral can be a part of anyone’s wardrobe!  

Spring Fashion 2

Take those layers and florals and pair them with neutral and pastel solids for a finished Spring look.  When I think Spring, I think light and bright.  I tend to stick most of my darker clothing (cardigans, dress pants, sweaters etc.) back on the hanger unless I find inspiration on how to spin them into a Spring look (via an Instagram post or a pic found in Google images). I’ve got myself all pumped up about Spring and I think I should share some specific pieces that I think are clutch in any wardrobe: 1) light beige/oatmeal colored open cardigans/sweaters 2) a light, longer style kimono/duster 3) a white t-shirt that has a looser fit 4) colored/white jeans 5) some type of floral!  I have been on a shopping hiatus since participating in a 3 month no-shopping challenge, but that all ended on April 8th!  I plan to thrift wisely for key pieces to compliment my existing Spring wardrobe!  Wish me luck and happy thrifting! 

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