Family Halloween Costumes

Is there anything cuter than family Halloween costumes? Okay, maybe family jammies at Christmas. But when it comes to Halloween, I think it becomes even more fun when you have kids.

If youʼre anything like me though, you hate to pay $40-$50 per family member for a Halloween costume. So if youʼre looking for a one stop Halloween shop that is not going to cost you a fortune, I highly recommend checking out your local Goodwill. Goodwill has it all when it comes to Halloween; costumes for all ages, makeup, decor, and even pet costumes!

Last year, my family went as 101 Dalmatians characters. My husbandʼs hat and coat both came from Goodwill. The hat cost $3 and the coat was $10. I also found my fur coat from Goodwill which was only $15! All three costumes were under $40!!

Family 1

This Halloween, my husband and son are hunters and I am a little (pregnant) deer! This was the easiest family costume to pull off. My husband is already an avid hunter with plenty of hunting gear and my son had a camo t-shirt and a toy bow and arrow to add to his costume. This was a guaranteed win for our family.

 Fur Vest

I found my fur vest at the Jackson Township Goodwill for only $6 and my sonʼs camouflage pants for $3! The rest of our outfits we had laying around our closets. And just like that we have Halloween costumes for under $10! Thank you, Goodwill!!

Family 2 Family 3

If you and your family will be creating a group costume, here are a couple of tips to help you out.

1. Choosing a Theme

Deciding a group costume can be difficult, pick something the whole family will be excited about (including dad!). As my husband already loves hunting and my son wants to be just like dad they were both on board with this idea. Plus, my son will love driving his mini jeep from house to house.

2. Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to see what works and what doesn't. Also, plenty of time to thrift shop! You may not find everything you need in one trip. The sales floor is constantly changing, you'd be surprised what you'll find if you stop back a couple of days later.

3. Get Creative with Materials

Buying accessories to match your character can get expensive fast. Instead look for materials to recreate items yourself.  For my deer costume, I made my own head band using items found around the house and saved our family $20!

I hope these family costume ideas and tips inspire your family as well. And help you save some extra money while giving back to the community this Halloween!

Be sure to share your finished looks on Instagram by tagging @goodwillgoodskills and #GoodwillHaunting.

Thrift Tips for Halloween

If you are not typically a thrift shopper throughout the year, this is the season to change your ways and consider shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill for your Halloween needs.

Americans spend a terrifying amount on Halloween each year; typically $169 to $183 per person. Costumes represent 42% of that annual investment.

For those that have shopped one of the big box Halloween shops, this high price tag is no surprise. Kids costumes typically start at $30 or more and adult costumes can be $50 or more.

Thrift stores like Goodwill offer a less expensive, environmentally friendly and community supportive option for trick or treaters.


  • Goodwill boasts prices 50-90% off retail prices including Halloween costumes
  • Purchases made at local Goodwill stores support a network of outreach programs that helped more than 14,000 local residents last year
  • More than 12.8 million pounds were diverted from are landfills by local Goodwill stores

Mey 5643

All year, Goodwill stores in the Cleveland area have been collecting Halloween costumes and apparel so they can now unveil their Halloween BOO-tique for shoppers.

On a recent visit to a Cleveland area Goodwill store, there were hundreds of costumes to choose from, most priced at a fraction of the pop-up Halloween mega-stores. Sorted by theme, the Goodwill racks were overflowing with both new and used costumes, makeup and décor.

Go in with an open mind.

Although thrift stores like Goodwill offer a wide variety of costume options, keep an open mind when you are searching for your Halloween get-up. Each store has thousands of individual and unique items. Products change daily. Actually, most stores have products changing by the hour, so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for on your first visit, stop back and you will be pleasantly surprised by the turnover of product.


Ask for help/ideas

Most thrift stores like Goodwill have staff ready to assist you with ideas and even willing to scour the racks to help you complete your perfect Halloween costume. Found a pink dress, but not sure what to turn it into? Ask! Staff are willing to find you a tiara for the perfect princess costume or even offer suggestions of how you can zombi-fy the dress for a spookier option.


Consider using elements from your own wardrobe

New and used products at stores like Goodwill will be far less expensive than large retailers, but you can save even more on your costume by using elements from your own closet. Use a little black dress from your work wardrobe and pair with pearls, sunglasses and gloves from Goodwill to make a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired Hepburn look. An old pair of overalls? Purchase a flannel shirt and straw hat to become a farmer or scarecrow. Bow tie? Score a pair of plaid pants, thick glasses and a pocket protector at Goodwill for the perfect nerd costume.

Make it a family affair

Thrift stores cater to adults, children and even pets. For the price of just one packaged costume from large retailers, most families can dress the whole gang at a thrift store. With lower prices and wide variety, parents can allow the little ones to be creative and choose their own costumes at thrift stores. And, yes, even the pets won’t be left out. During a visit to a local Goodwill, there was a selection of more than 20 different pet costumes all priced less than $15.


Think thrift after Halloween

Once Halloween is over and you have devoured one too many Reese’s cups, do something good for the community by donating back any costumes you no longer want or need. Thrift stores like Goodwill depend on donations of Halloween costumes, clothing and other household goods to keep their shelves and racks stocked year round.

 Baltimore Studio Kmp7623

Happy haunting this Halloween and happy shopping, hopefully at local thrift stores where you and your entire family can find good prices, help support the environment and help support community programs.


Creative Halloween Costumes

Halloween has transformed from a one-night event into an entire month celebration, and I am HERE for it! I secretly have had my house decorated since late August because I am literally obsessed with all things autumn. My house smells like pumpkins, leaves, and apples, and nearly every surface on my first floor is covered in orange and black. So if you’re anything like me, you’ve already got your Halloween costume planned, crafted, and ready to party in… But if you’re like most, and a Halloween costume is a last-minute ordeal for you, I am here to help!


Goodwill is like the golden ticket to finding your Halloween costume. Gone should be the days of going out and buying a packaged costume for 40+ dollars when there is literally racks upon racks upon racks of hidden gems waiting to be transformed for a fraction of that cost while also supporting an organization that does so much for our community.

There are some costumes you can create with absolute certainty you’ll find a huge selection of options. Dressing in an era such as the ’80s and ’90s or dressing as a grandma or grandpa are two of the easiest. Another super easy way to shop at Goodwill for a costume is to simply look at the Halloween racks! The North Olmsted location, for example, had so many ready to wear used costumes that it takes the stress out of scouring the entire store for what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking to put together something a little more unique, I have some tips for that too.

Mary Katherine Gallagher - Superstar


My go-to costume ideas are always either referencing pop culture or creating a throwback. Not only do I make myself laugh with them but my friends, family and coworkers usually get a kick out of them too. The biggest word of advice I can give is to have multiple ideas. I usually go in with at least 5 ideas and a small breakdown of what I need for each outfit for it to be successful. The picture above is a costume that I put together two years ago that was a combination of thrifted and already owned pieces and I had an idea of what I was looking for when I went into Goodwill.

Miss. Trunchbull - Matilda


Miss. Trunchbull from the film Matilda was my inspiration last year. In order for this outfit to come together, I was looking for a large brown belt and gray/navy baggy pants when I went into Goodwill. The other two items I would have needed, I already had at home (a plain gray sweatshirt for me to craft the ‘1972 Olympics’ onto, and a pair of chunky work boots). The finished result cost me less than 10$ and was ridiculously easy for me to shop for. I found what I was looking for in only a few minutes.


So this year for Halloween I came up with 4 ideas I would have been happy with and broke down what I would have needed for each. You have to go in with the mindset that not every idea is going to work out, so I usually throw in an idea that I’m guaranteed. For the sake of this post, I was actually able to find TWO of my costumes and I’m excited to share them with you now!

The first being everyone’s favorite diner owner: Luke Danes

Luke Danes - Gilmore Girls


This was my guaranteed easy costume. I only needed two items for this costume to work and I knew Goodwill would have a plethora of options. The first was a plain T-Shirt for me to craft onto. The second was a men’s flannel. I used a pair of jeans that I already owned as well as a baseball cap from my closet. This costume cost me only 5$ for BOTH the flannel and gray T, and about 20 minutes of my time creating and ironing on the logo. I used my circuit machine to create Luke’s coffee cup symbol but you can buy iron-on transfer paper from Walmart for 4$ and you’ll achieve a very similar look.


The second costume I found was everyone’s favorite paper salesman: Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute - The Office 


I’m honestly pretty pumped over how this costume turned out and also for only 5$. I went in looking for a yellow men’s short sleeve button up and was pretty shocked when I found one in a size that didn’t look like a garbage bag on me. I also needed a tie, which goodwill has a huge selection of, so I was able to find mine for only a dollar using the colored tag of the day. I really had my fingers crossed I could find a pair of brown business pants in my size but struck out and had to use a pair of my colored jeans. The glasses are actually what gave me the idea for this costume because they are my husband’s old pair that we’ve been hanging onto for years. I knew being a hoarder would pay off one day.


I really hope these tips and costumes inspirations have helped spark an idea for your Halloween costume this year! If you know your costume will be easy to find, be sure to search for the colored tag of the week/day so that you can save even more money, and please share your finished looks on Instagram by tagging @goodwillgoodskills and #GoodwillHaunting  – I’d really love to see what you all come up with!

Fall Harvest Home Decor

I’m so excited to share my Fall thrifted home! Summer has rained itself over in Ohio. The buzz for back to school shopping has passed and our sunsets are ending early.

Bring on the cool air, hot cocoa and s’mores.
Snag the white pumpkins or (white paint to repaint orange pumpkins), mums, sweater blankets and candles.

The first of September, I transition to fall cozy features in the home, so it can last a good three months into November (before it’s time to switch over to Christmas).
I focus on three main areas for this transition...

 Fall 1

1. The front door is your first impression.

I’ve added the Dollar Tree clip on leaves for Autumn to my thrifted eucalyptus wreath. (It can transition to any season!)

Fall 2 

Oversized thrifted reclaimed wood pumpkin for the front porch. With just some accents to your wreath and a little pumpkin on your porch, your front door is speaking fall!

Fall 3

2. The Living room, with emphasis on the fireplace mantel.

This year, I have added soft gold touches, white pumpkins and soft green lambs ears for foliage. 

Fall 4

I found the Smith & Hawken wreath and the Threshold gold flower pot at my local New Philadelphia Goodwill store. The wreath pulls with the gold tones in the stone fireplace, while the gold pots add an elegant shimmer. 

Fall 5

I added some Fall Mums to the Threshold chenille woven basket from Goodwill. 

Fall 6

All mantel decor, coffee table vignette, chandelier and bench are thrifted and repurposed pieces. 

Fall 7

Fall gourd spray painted gold metallic, picture frame as is, Smith & Hawken wreath and a damaged Kirkland’s artwork found at Goodwill that was touched up with paint. 

Fall 8

3. The coffee/hot cocoa station recieve fall vibes too.

This is my favorite area to dress up for the kids. All decor items at the top and magnolia wreath are thrifted naturistic items.

Fall 9 Fall 10

Did you know Goodwill also sells UTZ and Lays snacks for easy holiday party planning? 

Fall 11

Lastly, think outside the box for your themes. Spray paint will forever be your #1 secret.

Fall 12


For more home decor inspiration follow along on Instagram and Facebook: Interieurs by Cheri 

Halloween Costumes to Get You Inspired

The fall season is the best time of the year.  The leaves are changing, everything is pumpkin flavored, and one of the best holidays, Halloween, is right around the corner!  If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about what crazy character you can dress up as this year.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you put those awesome costumes together.

The best costumes don’t necessarily have to have the most pieces.  A few items can lead to the costume of the year! 


For instance, if you want to travel back in time to Woodstock, a vintage dress paired with a fringed vest will get you close.  Add a pair of shades and a floral headband and you’ll be throwing up the peace sign as this year’s best hippie. 

Pin Hippie



Perhaps you’d rather sail the seas as a pirate.  No need to run to the big box costume store.  A pirate’s cap with an eye patch and sword along with a striped shirt and boots will have you ready to walk the plank.  No matter what you desire to be Goodwill has the necessary items to have you play the part.

 Pin Pirate


During the Halloween season, creativity is key!  As you walk through the aisles of your local Goodwill keep an open mind about what you might be able to create.  Where some see just a formal dress, others see a beautiful princess. Add a pair of high heels and tiara and you’ll be looking just like your favorite Disney princess for a fraction of the cost. 

Pin Princess


Speaking of cost, shopping for a Halloween costume at Goodwill will get you looking the part for much less. Typically Goodwill prices are 50-90% less than your traditional retailers. Saving money on your costume will help buy more treats for the big day! 


Another costume option that is very cost effective would be a pair of glasses, a bow tie, plaid pants, and a pocket protector.  These few items from Goodwill would form a perfect nerd costume.  The amount of savings would leave the biggest number crunchers impressed.



Perhaps, you have a costume you’ve worn a few too many times and are looking to make a change this year.  There’s a reason you rocked it more than once!  Don’t just throw it away.  Consider donating the costume to your local Goodwill so someone else will have the chance to look as good.  By donating an old costume, you allow us to use our Halloween magic and bring it back to life.


Regardless if you are purchasing items for that perfect costume or donating old costumes, you are making a difference in your community.  By purchasing or donating items you’re helping improve the lives of people with barriers to employment. People served by Goodwill are provided the skill-building programs and services needed to find and maintain employment.  If you would like to learn more about mission services offered in your community, visit our mission services page.


Lastly, Halloween should be a fun time for everyone in the family, including our furry friends.  Be sure to check out our ready-to-go costumes for them, too. Because, if we’re honest with ourselves, who doesn’t want to see a dog dressed up as a bee?

Pet Costume

We, at Goodwill, wish you a fun and safe Halloween and look forward to seeing your good finds turn into great costumes! Share them with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and hashtagging #GoodwillHaunting. 

Golf for Good

On Friday, September 20, 2019, community and business leaders will gather for an exciting day of golf to raise funds for the programs and services provided by Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio. This inaugural event, Golf for Good, will be held at The Quarry Golf Club in Canton.

Ball Blur Close Up 1325751

Support of Golf for Good helps thousands of individuals and families in our community. Proceeds from this event will support Goodwill’s crisis voucher program which provides much needed clothing and household goods to people who are homeless or facing an emergency situation. Last year, more than 3,200 people were helped through this valuable service.

Car Golf Cart Macro 1325705

Registration is available for individuals and foursomes and include a round of golf, lunch, dinner, door prizes, contests and raffles. To register click here. Sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting Nicole Curet, Manager of Fund Development and Community Relations at or by phone at 330-617-4734.


Back to School Challenge - Boys Edition

As any mom with four kids can tell you, back to school shopping can be TOUGH! Combine all the new clothes needed with the school supply essentials and it can get pretty expensive. So as any thrifty mom would do, I am always looking for a deal! That is my FAVORITE thing about my local Goodwill. I always leave with at least one bag (normally several 😉) of great items at a fraction of what they would have cost me in a different store. And this trip was no different.

Pic 1 

Three of my kids are boys and they all have their own unique approach to fashion.  Shopping with them can be fun and interesting for sure, but they also get bored easily! One thing they all love is games, so we created a shopping challenge for our trip to Goodwill’s North Canton location. Since it was a Sunday, items with green tags, the color of the week, were only $1. The challenge was to see how many items they could find, that they would ACTUALLY wear, that fit them, that had a green tag. My goal was to find a couple pieces for each kid and not leave with an empty wallet!

Pic 2


Here’s a breakdown of each kid and how they fared in the challenge:

Jack is an athlete and loves video games. He also tends to be more comfortable in a hoodie and jeans than anything dressy. For him, we always look for loose, comfy fabrics and specifically items that can be worn in all types of weather. His favorite article of clothes is a long sleeve shirt with a hood that he wears all the time, so I was super excited to find something similar AND with a green tag! He loved the design and the softness of the shirt. He also picked up a simple pair of black athletic shorts that I have no doubt will be worn by the end of the day!

Pic 3

Dominic is 7 and a soon-to-be 3rd grader. He is always on the move so having clothes that are durable but also cute is super important. He likes bright colors and tends to gravitate towards t-shirts and soft fabrics. He found what he describes as his “Most AWESOME 1st day of school outfit”! He paired up a super soft gray polo with a bright pair of (new with tags!!) shorts. Both items fit the challenge and he even found a nice, colorful button down shirt for picture day.

 Pic 4

Alex is heading to middle school this year and wanted to update his wardrobe in very specific ways. He loves a good collared shirt and if the shorts match that’s even better. I should also mention that he has grown 6 inches (!) since school got out in May. Literally none of his clothes fit! Finding clothes for him wasn’t just important but also a necessity. He really was the big winner this trip. He found 5 items and all of them had a green tag! He walked away with a striped long sleeve hoodie, a Hollister t-shirt, an orange button down shirt, a pair of athletic shorts and brand new khaki cargo shorts.

Pic 5

The best part of this trip for me was dropping off the bags of clothes that they have grown out of to make room for their new finds! Cleaning out their closets happens a couple times a year since they have been growing so fast and we love that our donations can help others in our community. Plus it leaves room for more Goodwill finds in the future!

 Pic 7

All in all this trip made everyone happy but especially the fact that we got all of this for only $10! (Tax-free weekend y’all!!) This mama’s thrifty heart is happy 😊

Pic 6



It was 90+ degrees today and although school is the last thing on the mind of my kiddos, this momma knows that back-to-school shopping starts now.

With three children heading to school this fall, I’m faced with the challenge of investing in new wardrobes for three different sizes (and personalities). It’s tough and it’s expensive.

Today, I challenged myself to only spend $25 during our visit to the Goodwill Industries store in Jackson Township. This haul was for my youngest daughter, Evie.

 Bts25 12

Here’s the low-down on Evie. She is three years old and headed into her second year of preschool. Her favorite color is pink and she loves her stuffed animal ‘Foxy.’  Evie, like most three-year-olds, is rough on her clothes, so we are oftentimes looking for cute clothes but high volume. Goodwill shopping for back to school is the perfect solution for us. We can find great clothes and LOTS of them for only a fraction of what we might pay at a traditional retailer.

Evie loves to shop with me at Goodwill. Who wouldn’t? So much selection. So many deals. And, all purchases support outreach programs right here in our community.


For the kiddos, I always start with the ‘tops’ section. Why? Tops typically have the graphics or ‘personality’ that my kids are looking for. Goodwill mixes tank tops, long sleeve, short sleeve and sweaters together in the ‘tops’ section. Even though different seasons of clothing are mixed together, everything is separated by girls and boys and by size.

Once we know what tops we will be purchasing, it’s much easier to find the bottoms that will match. When we shop Goodwill we typically pick up anything and everything that we think might work and then begin to edit those selections down before we check out.

SHOPPING TIP: I hang all of our finds on the front of my cart. This makes it easier to see everything and match with bottoms in the next aisle.

 Bts25 2


I never approach a visit to Goodwill with a pre-determined list. Of course, we need school clothes, but knowing that the inventory constantly changes and we never quite know what we will find on the racks, I make sure to keep our options wide open.

During this visit to Goodwill, we found sweaters perfect for cooler weather and short sleeve tops that Evie can wear when school first starts at the end of summer.  


Goodwill has amazing savings everyday. But, Sunday and Mondays offer shoppers even deeper discounts! Each week, one color tag is 50% off, but on Sunday and Mondays another color is only $1! Before you begin shopping, look for signs dotted throughout the store or ask an associate what the color of the week sales are.

I don’t limit ourselves to just those colors, but we do try to seek out those special color tags during our visit. Evie loves a good game of ‘I spy.’

During today’s visit, blue tags were marked down to $1 and pink tags were 50% off. Cha-ching! Our haul included a pair of leggings and a top for only $1 each!

 Bts25 3


Our cart was overflowing during our visit, but we eventually edited down our selection and left with our most favorite (and needed) Goodwill finds. Today’s trip was a $25 challenge, so what all did we get? Oodles! We found three complete outfits (and a few extras) for Evie to wear back to school this fall.

 Bts25 4

Our most expensive item for this haul was on an amazing pair of pink suede boots (brand new with tags) for $5.99. Is it really a splurge to spend less than $6 on a pair of shoes? No!

The boots will look adorable with this NWT floral dress we found!

 Bts25 5 

This ‘Happy to Be Me’ top couldn’t be passed up! I think that is Evie’s mantra! The top and matching leggings were not on sale, but the entire outfit was in great condition and only cost $6 total.  

 Bts25 6

Evie’s favorite find today? This sweet fox sweater that reminded Miss Evie of her favorite stuffed animal ‘Foxy.’ We matched it with a pair of stretchy jeans that were in perfect condition.

 Bts25 7

We rounded out our haul with a three pack of brand new socks. Remember, Goodwill not only carries donated items, but a great selection of new products. Our entire bill was less $25! What’s more priceless? A happy three year old (and momma) headed into a new school year.


Dorm Room Essentials

School is right around the corner and for those heading to college for the first time it can be stressful and exciting to get everything you need for your dorm. From necessities to personal touches Goodwill can help find everything you’re looking for at a great price. Here are just a few Goodwill finds every college dorm must have.

1. Desk Lamp

Your roommate shuts off the lights to go to bed, but you still need to study for that big exam tomorrow. Desk lamps from department stores go for anywhere in between 20-60 dollars. This desk light spotted at Goodwill’s Foxboro location is perfect for those late night study sessions.


2. Sound Systems

Found at Goodwill’s Tuscarawas location, these speakers are perfect for a dorm room. Not too big, but not too small so music can be played while kicking back on the weekends or doing homework. Plus, they add a vintage element that no one else will be able to copy.


3. Book Holders

Books can accumulate over the course of the year. With these book holders found at Goodwill’s Tuscarawas store, from Harry Potter books to your Intro to Calculus book, storing and organizing your books has never been easier.


4. Waste Bin

A college dorm room can get messy very quickly. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a trash bin when you can go to your local thrift store and buy it for a fraction of the price. This bin was found at the Goodwill on Tuscarawas.


5. Kitchenware

You can’t cook gourmet meals in a dorm room, but sometimes it is nice to have some plates in case you are having a quick little snack. Also, this Ohio State thermos is perfect for coffee lovers and getting you ready for those 8 a.m. classes. These dinning essentials were found at Goodwill’s Foxboro location.


6. Decorative Pieces

No dorm room is complete without adding your own personal touch. These ancient Egyptian and American history pieces, found at the Goodwill at Foxboro, will give your dorm room the spice-up it needs. Visit the art section to decorate with unique designs or inspirational signs. And of course you should grab a couple new frames to take all your family and friends from home with you.


Making your dorm room feel like home while staying on budget is easy with Goodwill. We’ve only touched on a few dorm room ideas, but the possibilities of great Goodwill finds are endless. Share your favorite dorm finds in the comments below or hashtag #GoodwillDormRoom on social media.

Goodwill+Fourth of July: Tips and tricks for finding the perfect look!

Hi! My name is Kristi Crane and I would first like to tell you a little about myself. I’m a school counselor, married with a toddler, who LOVES thrifting affordable fashion and style. I’m a consumer who tries to shop second-hand for environmental and personal reasons (i.e. cheaper goods!). There are many ways to shop Goodwill and make it a successful shopping trip:  Most of the time, I prefer to wander the aisles aimlessly for hours, which is usually when I have the most luck!  (This luxury does not come as often as I would hope, because I have a two-year-old) Another way is, to shop for an occasion.  Shopping for something specific can also be a great way to get started if you are new to thrifting. In this post I’m going to give my take on how to find the perfect, simple outfit for the 4th of July!  These tips and tricks are how I typically shop for any holiday, event or occasion. 

1. I tend to need a little inspiration when I’m looking for something specific to wear, whether it be an outfit for a birthday party, wedding, or in this case, Independence Day!  I created a hashtag on Instagram #thisinspiredthat because it helps me use what I have in my closet, and it inspires me during my Goodwill shopping ventures. Below are a few images that I found while searching on Google and Pinterest.  I tend to go for more subtle looks (rather than combining red, white and blue, I prefer to just pick two of the colors).  Sometimes I find an almost identical outfit, and other times I use the images to help get my creative juices flowing (what are creative juices anyways?!?!).

4Th One 4Th Two


2. Go to a Goodwill near you.  We are lucky enough to have 3 locations near us that I typically have pretty good luck with. My “go-to” stores are: Southland in Middleburg Heights, Snow Rd. in Brookpark and Strongsville.  I think all Cuyahoga County stores are well stocked and have a good variety for everyone.

3. Shop all sizes….yes ALL of them!  I always start in my size but then I look in all the other sizes too!  If you’re a size large, do not skip the smaller sizes.  If you’re an extra small, don’t skip the larger sizes!  I’ve found great pieces that were mismarked, ran big/small, and items placed in the wrong size section.  If I didn’t look in all of the sizes, I wouldn’t have found some of the items I own now! Other hacks...if you’re smaller, check the larger kids section, and also check mens….you never know what goodies you will find.

4Th Clothes Rack

4. Pull everything that might work and have a little try-on session!!  I try on all pieces before I take anything home.  I don’t have time to make returns, so I make sure I love it first.  Here are all my looks:

4Th Three

4Th Four 

5. Pictured was everything I found solely at the Strongsville location. I ended up purchasing the ladybug striped top, chambray dress, an alternative blue tee that is not pictured (it was half off!), a white ruffle blouse, a window pain chambray, AND ...bonus, I also found white jeans!!!!  WHAT?!?!  I will also pair some of these pieces with skirts, shorts, red sandals etc. Please use these or other inspiration photos to create your own look!  Use the #thisinspiredthat on IG and show us what you come up with!  Happy 4th of July!