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10 Things You Should Finally Declutter and Donate This Year

I’m kicking off the new decade by finally facing those areas in the house that I tend to neglect all year long. Keep reading for 10 big and little areas I’ll be downsizing and donating to Goodwill of Greater Cleveland East Central Ohio this month:  

 Declutter  Declutter2

1. Coat Closet

I’ve neglected this area for too long and it quickly went from an everyday coat closet to long-term coat storage. It felt incredibly productive to get a head start on downsizing and donating our coats before spring so they can have a second life this winter!

2. Board Game Stash 

Have board games you haven’t played in a while? Time to tackle that collection. I got rid of broken games and donated the gently used and newer games to Goodwill. Donation tip: secure game pieces in small bags and don’t worry if you can’t find the instruction manual, most manuals can be located online with a simple google search. 

3. Halloween Costumes

I’m all about recycling and reusing Halloween costumes as long as possible but it can easily become an area that gets neglected for too long. I dusted off the old box of costumes and donated the ones our family has outgrown. Goodwill is an incredible resource for Halloween costumes, and your costume may be the exact thing someone is looking for this fall! 

4. Linen Closet

If your linen closet is starting to look like an aisle at a bedding and bath store (like mine), it might be time to downsize. Goodwill accepts most gently used blankets and sheets. Bag those items up and start the year off with a freshly organized space. 

5. Dishes & Mug Cabinet

I definitely like to keep enough dishes and mugs on hand for guests, but this is another area around the house that quickly gets cluttered- especially since I have the tendency to collect quirky mugs.  The beginning of the year is a great time to donate gently used dishware and mugs that haven’t been used in the last year and pass those mugs on to another quirky shopper! 

6. Suitcases, Duffle & Diaper Bags

If your family has accumulated suitcases and diaper bags like ours has, it might be time to free up some of that precious storage space!  We finally got rid of broken bags, kept a couple for travel and everyday use, and donated our new or gently used ones to Goodwill. 

7. Vases

Anyone else feel like they blinked and all of a sudden have a cabinet full of vases? I have no idea why I’ve held on to so many vases for so long. It’s nice to have a few on hand (they also make great hostess gifts) but I couldn’t believe how much precious storage space I was able to clear up in our dining room cabinets by donating an entire box of vases to Goodwill. 

8. Loungewear

This is definitely one of the most neglected areas in my house. We easily accumulate several sets over the year, especially around the holidays as gifts. I try to tackle this drawer every three months or so and donate the unworn or like new ones to Goodwill. 

9. Bulky appliances

2020 is going to be the year I finally take inventory of multiple or unused cooking appliances in our kitchen like panini makers, griddles, waffle makers, and slow cookers and donate the ones we rarely use anymore to make space for the ones we actually need! 

10. Costume Jewelry

I love a good statement necklace, but let’s face it, between gifts, holidays and those “add $5 necklace to cart so I can get free shipping” moments, inexpensive costume jewelry piles up quickly. I finally tackled the huge pile and realized I tend to wear only a handful of everyday, go-to accessories and a couple of special event pieces. The rest will now be enjoyed by a Goodwill shopper! 


Dina Younis a thrift blogger and host of the thrift podcast, Allow Us to Rethriftroduece Ourselves. You can follow her blog at or on Instagram at @dinasdays

This is Alex, and He's a Miracle Cat

 This is Alex.

Alex Blog

Alex is a miracle cat, for two reasons.

One, he was left in an abandoned, foreclosed house for some amount of time that we will never know, and probably should have starved to death. Luckily, this cat’s favorite thing to do is eat - so he found a way to survive. (And I don’t even want to know what that might have entailed.)

Second, we have a board at work where we post goals that we are comfortable sharing publicly, so our co-workers can keep us accountable to achieving them. On February 17, 2016, I posted that I really wanted to get a cat. I had never had a cat, I didn’t know much about cats except I thought they were really cute and fun, and we weren’t allowed to have pets at the place where we were living at the time. But all that aside, I really, REALLY wanted one, so up on the board it went. A few hours go by and magic is happening and I don’t even know it, because I went home from work THAT NIGHT and my husband and two daughters had gotten Alex for me as an early birthday gift. Shock. (And, as a pretty standard rule follower, one of the first things I said was “but we are not allowed to have pets!” That’s when my husband told me he had been working with the shelter and the landlord for a couple of weeks, getting what each needed to make this work. Wow!)

Miracle reasons one and two. So why am I telling you this?

Because that experience has made me want to be charitable toward the shelter that kept Alex safe and full until he came to his rightful home (OURS) and I would like to invite anyone reading this to do the same – think about an experience in your life that has touched you, and then think about ways you can give back in honor of that.

At Goodwill, our mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves by helping them train for, find, and keep good jobs. If you or someone you know has been affected by lack of employment, Goodwill might be a good match for your gifts. Whatever the case, today we ask that you consider donating your time, talents, or treasure to trusted charity that is meaningful to you.

You can watch a couple of short videos that tell real life stories of exactly how Goodwill helps in your community here.

If you decide Goodwill is the rightful home of your gift, you can donate here. If something else is calling you, please make a commitment to donate today. Who knows – your donation could be the start of someone else’s magical miracle!