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Goodwill Date Night Challenge

Trying to make Valentine’s Day special can be an overwhelming task. This year we’re proposing you make it fun. Here are a couple ideas that can help make this Valentine’s Day more exciting, Goodwill style!

Classy Date Night

You and your partner can make this Valentine’s more exciting by challenging each other to find a date night outfit for yourself at Goodwill for an agreed upon price. Split up and shop the store for clothes, shoes and accessories. Make it more fun and interesting by setting a time limit for your shopping trip. See what you can put together in under 30 minutes! Once your outfit is complete, you’re ready to go out for dinner. You won’t feel bad splurging on dessert because you saved so much on your ensemble.


Take a cue from Oh So Lovely blog, check out how their outfits came together.


Make it a Group Activity

For this date night, you’ll need to gather your closest friends. Confirm that everyone is available for dinner at a specified date, time and place. Then tell them the date will consist of a shopping trip to Goodwill! Similar to the above challenge, each person has a $10 spending limit but this time you’re shopping for your significant other. Be sure to have fun with it, like the group in the photo below. Once everyone has their outfits, they’ll meet at the selected restaurant fully decked out in their Goodwill finds. This date night with all your besties is sure to be one of the most memorable date nights ever!

 Group Activity

Read the full Blog post from Living in Yellow about this Group Goodwill Date Night.


Scavenger Hunt Date Night

This is a great option to spice up the average date night.  Before stepping into the store decide the rules, time limit, and prize for the winner. Will the person with the most items checked in a specified time limit win or the first person to find all the items on the list? The prize could range from loser buys dinner, winner picks the movie, or whatever works for you both. 

Set the rules! Do you and your partner not want to run into each other while completing your scavenger hunt? If so, pick opposite sides of the store to start. Maybe it’s okay to bump into each other with just a little bit of boosting about your finds! Give bonus points for finds you want to purchase, add those items to your cart and require photographic evidence for anything else checked off the list. (We know how hard the Goodwill team works keep the store clean.) Have fun and happy Goodwill hunting!

 Goodwill Scavenger Hunt

Download the list and send to your partner.

We hope these date night ideas give you some inspiration for this Valentine’s Day. Let us know if you try any of these by tagging us of Facebook and Instagram @goodwillgoodskills.