Hire Staff in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio through Goodwill’s Employee Program

As a business owner or human resources representative, have you ever thought to yourself “there must be a better way” when hiring and training employees? If so, hiring people who are enrolled in Goodwill employment-based services may be right for you.

How does an employer benefit?

Hiring a person who is supported by Goodwill means less time spent on training for you and more productivity for your business. That’s because Goodwill pre-screens the people in our programs to see who would be the right match for your needs, and then provides on-site support to that person as they get to know the job (should you choose to hire them).

How does the program work?

A Goodwill staff member accompanies the person in the Goodwill program to the work site for an agreed-upon amount of time. Doing this ensures the person selected is a natural fit with the culture and performance standards for the specific work site. During this time, Goodwill is responsible for assuming liability coverage for Goodwill staff and people who are at your work site through Goodwill. Any program-related costs, including compensation if applicable, are paid by the agency that referred the person to Goodwill. In short, there is no cost to you to try working with Goodwill!

If you are interested in partnering with Goodwill by providing a work site for learning and experience, or by hiring people who are enrolled in Goodwill programming, simply call (216) 906-6453.