Digital Skills

In today’s world, most jobs require at least basic computer skills. Goodwill offers computer courses to give people the training they need to compete in the current job market. Individuals can use our computer labs to learn basic computer skills, Microsoft Office programs, typing and/or skills for the A+, Network+, Security+ and MOS certification exams through tutorials, hands-on activities and one-on-one training. Goodwill uses GCFLearnFree, TestOut and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing in addition to individualized training plans. MOS Certification testing is available at select sites while CompTIA testing is completed offsite at an additional cost. 

While most of the people accessing Goodwill’s computer courses are involved in other Goodwill programming, these services are available to the general public when working with Goodwill programs or staff in some way. Please contact your local Goodwill site by calling 1-800-942-3577 and asking for more information on Goodwill’s Computer Training Services..

Job Connection

Job Connection is a digital resource and employment center available inside the Strongsville  store and includes employment resources and a small computer lab. Staffed by Goodwill mission staff, the center offers open hours, currently on Fridays, to the community for digital skills training or employment support. A curriculum of digital classes are offered at Job Connection sites which may include topics such as Computer Basics, Internet Safety & Security, Microsoft Office Basics and programs on understanding the Google suite of products. Goodwill was awarded this year and into 2019 a Grow with Google grant designed to increase the digital skills of the communities we serve. The Job Connection model helps to meet the goals of the Grow with Google program and further grant support is already being sought for additional Job Connection centers opening in the coming year.  

Donate a Computer

Goodwill accepts donations of Pentium 4 processors or better. Hard drives are completely erased using stringent Department of Defense protocols. The average company replaces their computers every three years, and disposal can be expensive and bad for the environment. Goodwill accepts these large donations and has people in Goodwill programs as well as volunteers refurbish them. Donate a computer at any of our store locations or at a Goodwill Attended Donation Center.