Community Services

Goodwill, at its very core, is a social service non-profit, dedicated to helping people overcome different barriers in their lives to get good jobs, become self-sufficient and strengthen families and communities. That is why Goodwill exists, to provide programs and training in the areas of employment skills, soft skills, computer skills and family strengthening. Goodwill also offers social services to members of the community seeking ways to meet basic needs. When someone donates their gently used clothing or shops in a Goodwill thrift store, they are supporting this non-profit agency and the difference being made in the community for the good.

Employment Services

At Goodwill, it is our job to help individuals overcome barriers to getting and keeping good jobs. Our employment skills programming boils down to two key areas: Pre-employment Training and Job Placement Services.

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Digital Skills

In today’s world, most jobs require at least basic digital skills. Goodwill’s offers computer courses to give people the training they need to compete in the current job market. Individuals can use our computer labs to learn basic digital skills, Microsoft Office programs, typing and/or skills for the A+, Network+, Security+ and MOS certification exams through tutorials, hands-on activities and one-on-one training.

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Family Strengthening Services

At Goodwill, we understand the importance and influence one person has on the members of their family, and ultimately, their community. It is our goal to help that one person unlock his or her true potential and become the best possible version of himself or herself. That is why Goodwill offers the following programs focused on family strengthening.

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Social Services

Goodwill’s founder, Edgar J. Helms, made famous the philosophy “a hand up, not a hand out.” Goodwill’s Social Service department has the ability to connect people in need with the right resources, as well as offer some direct services for emergency assistance through Goodwill.

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As a business owner or human resources representative, have you ever thought to yourself “there must be a better way” when hiring and training employees? If so, hiring people who are enrolled in Goodwill employment-based services may be right for you.

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