Prepping your Closet for a Stylish Spring Refresh

As the days finally get longer, we all enjoy a new spring in our step as we can feel the anticipated Spring season within reach. As a wardrobe stylist, I understand the excitement in buying some new fashion to be prepared, but I advise you to do some needed homework in your closet before heading off to Goodwill. Here are some tips for prepping your closet for spring.

Prepping your Closet for a Spring

10 Colorful ways to Transition your Closet for Spring at Goodwill

  1. Add yummy colors for Spring to pump-up your energy and make your skin look amazing: Add Pastels, Sky Blue, Pink and yellow to your wardrobe.
  2. Push the wool and knit scarves aside and bring out the lightweight cotton and silk scarves with striking prints and colors to wake up even your neutrals.
  3. Find fun, colorful suede mules & loafers for comfort and a sophisticated finish.
  4. It is still cool, but the calendar says Spring- Find 100% Cotton Sweaters.
  5. Layer with Supima cotton v-neck tees with ¾ or long sleeves.
  6. White jeans are a great addition to your wardrobe. They always look fresh!
  7. Jean jacket is universally perfect for Spring in traditional denim. Perfect to layer over a tank or dress.
  8. Forever classic is a trench coat. Choose one in a length that flatters your body.
  9. Blazers always provide a beautiful finish to slacks, cotton dresses, and even dress-up jeans. Look for blazers in a madras plaid, stripe, or floral print that you love.
  10. White details in a purse, cute sneakers, or accessories will always communicate Spring in a way nothing else does.

Have you been STUCK in a STYLE RUT (8 ways you can tell)

  1. Lack of Color in your closet. You have 50 shades of grey or black, from tees to suits.
  2. You own more yoga pants (women), athletic pants (men) than you own tailored pants.
  3. Your 1st thought is to ‘be comfortable’ when getting dressed.
  4. Never get compliments on your appearance, and others ask if you are tired.
  5. You experience no joy or excitement when dressing each day.
  6. You have had the same hairstyle and or make-up for 5+ years.
  7. You decided not to buy new clothes until you reached your ‘goal’ weight 2+ years ago.
  8. Your closet is full, yet you have nothing to wear, or you wear the same 20% over and over.

7 Ways to Kick it Up for Spring

  1. Color is CONFIDENCE & ENERGY. Learn to harness it & discover your personal POWER COLORS. You will be shocked at the way you feel!
  2. Evaluate your wardrobe and DETOX your Closet from anything that is not honoring your NOW body or bringing you Joy.
  3. Put a full-length mirror where you dress each morning – and use it before, during, and after you dress.
  4. Create positive affirmations and hang them up where you will see them each day.
  5. Learn your body shape – this alone will save you much time, energy, and money.
  6. Create a Style Vision Board. Use magazines, catalogs, and your phone to gather visuals of what you would like to move towards in your style.
  7. Change one thing. Many times, improving one positive change motivates you to continue.
  8. Create a team of advisers. By investing in your team, from a manicurist & hairstylist to a personal wardrobe stylist & image and confidence coach, you can do what you do best, and they will always make sure you look & feel your absolute best.
Traci McBride - TeeMcBee

Traci McBride is a Life Stylist and founder of TeeMcBee Consulting Ventures, LLC, focused on individual personal styling and wardrobe management since 2008. Traci worked with and has been certified by Style for Hire’s Stacy London celebrity stylist.

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Traci is passionate about bringing form, function & style into every area of one’s life while expressing yourself. More Color, More Style, More Self Expression = More Passion & Confidence in Your Life