New Years in July with Goodwill

Why celebrate New Years in July?

Hi. I’m Marcas. I’m crazy about making my home look good, myself do good and others feel good. It’s what I do. I love to entertain and especially love Christmas. The month of July offers the chance to do a lot of things. But for me, it offers the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July. From having friends over for a small cocktail party to hosting an enchanted Christmas brunch, I love the possibilities. This year I thought of a different idea. It seems like the right time to throw a New Year’s Eve in July party. I don’t know anyone else who’s thrown such a party in the month of July. I’m not saying that they don’t happen, but I had the idea to change things up and gather my friends on July 31st. The date is perfect for a party since it falls on a Saturday. It’s an awesome time to celebrate a fresh outlook and start the second half of this year with a bang!

I’m bringing my friends from Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio into the fold and will shop some of their stores to help put together my New Year in July party.

Choosing a Party Theme

As I thought about the theme there were several things that I thought I could do for this party. One popular idea is a Roaring 20s party with fabulous flapper-style dresses, fancy shoes and jazz. I also thought of doing a 70s Disco theme and putting a disco ball right in the middle of my great room. But then I thought something like a Masquerade party would be perfect and provides for the chance to dress up and find the perfect mask and accessories.

I’m inviting you to come along for some shopping at Goodwill stores and also to hear some of my tips. You’ll see how I tap into Goodwill as a resource with the bonus of supporting a really great community organization.

Tips for Planning your New Years in July Party with Goodwill

ProTip: When you’re going to shop at Goodwill, take along a donation. This way you’re not just adding more things to your home but clearing out what you’re not using any longer and making room for the new. Plus, this supports the programs and services of Goodwill who is helping people build skills to remove common barriers to good jobs and independence. Our valuable donations are sold to the public, ultimately funding these important programs.

Have a Plan for your Goodwill Trip

The first shopping adventure. My husband, who I refer to as “Dude,” went along for the ride on a stormy Wednesday evening to the North Canton Goodwill store. We were on the lookout for a bar cart or a special piece of furniture that I could turn into a drink station. We have a great built-in sidebar at home that we typically use for drinks, but this is a special party so I’m envisioning a glamorous bar setup.

I was also looking for barware or other serving pieces unlike what I currently have in my collection. I could use some fancy decanters, cocktail shakers or pieces that would pop as part of the bar cart or drink station. Crystal bowls, trays and plates would also be a great addition and could be used for serving food or passing hors d’oeuvres. I was also looking for masquerade-related accessories like fancy gloves, hats or canes. I envision a basket overflowing with fun stuff that people might pick up and use for a photo opp. Finally, I was hunting for attire for both me and my husband – to put together the perfect masquerade themed outfits for the evening.

Be Open to Unique Goodwill Finds

While I didn’t get everything I was hoping for, I got some new ideas. I picked up two cocktail shakers. One is a large, vintage shaker and made of thick glass. It will be a great addition that we’ll use to make cocktails for the evening. The other is smaller and super cool with cocktail recipes on it for things like Gin Fizz and Whiskey Sour. I picked up a number of crystal serving pieces including a large bowl, a small oblong tray and a set of 8 cocktail plates. I also found a decorative comedy and tragedy mask wall hanging. I’ll likely paint it gold and use it as part of the main centerpiece or decorative element.

New Years in July
New Years in July
New Years in July
New Years in July

Stay Tuned for Updates

I’m really excited about where the party is headed. I can’t wait to share the rest of planning my New Year’s Eve in July party with you. Check back for part two in this planned series of three installments. I’ll have everything pretty much ready to go and will share more details for the big evening. Cheers!

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