Google + Goodwill, Valentine’s Day Edition

We are rounding to our second Valentine’s Day where safety is as important as ever! So many families, couples and Galentine celebrations have turned into something different and so many people have made the choice to stay in. Today, I am sharing a few ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day at home with your loved ones (or solo!) and how Google + Goodwill can help pull it all together.

So how can you make this Google + Goodwill Valentine’s Day more fun?

Dinner + Movie

Who needs Netflix?! Grab your mask and get over to the DVD section at your nearest Goodwill. Now, pick a movie….I would suggest a really old one, or a funny one, or something different that would be fun to watch with your partner or family. Need some inspiration? Do a Google search, “movies for Valentine’s Day”. I personally prefer a romantic comedy or something sappy. Make sure you know your crowd so everyone is happy. No DVD player? You could always pick a fun puzzle instead…there is something calming about the thought of that. For dinner, head over to housewares and find a really cute themed dish to serve dinner in, or maybe a couple champagne glasses for your bubbly. I love that Goodwill has all of their Valentine’s Day housewares on display and they are easy to find. PS another hack would be ordering takeout and putting it in serving dishes so that you can snap a cute picture for social media. It is all about presentation, right?

Goodwill Valentine's Day puzzles and glasses

Crafts with the Kids

My daughter is big into crafting, and even more so if it includes scissors, and paint. We shop Goodwill year-round and we fill our craft bin with so many fun finds. We have found new packs of stickers, Crayola markers and crayons, craft scissors that make designs and so much more fun. I suggest doing a quick google search for “easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids” or putting all kinds of Valentine’s Day themed items on the table and let them go with it. Red, white and pink crayons, paint, markers, heart stickers, sequins, construction paper, hole punch, glue sticks, and even glitter if you are daring. Make sure to check your local Goodwill for supplies before heading to a craft store.

Goodwill Valentine’s Day crafts
Goodwill Valentine’s Day crafts

Retail Therapy

Alone on Valentine’s Day? Just being low key with your bestie? It definitely doesn’t have to be a drab, uneventful day. I would suggest going shopping! Get in your friend’s closet or take a quick look at your local Goodwill! Find something to wear to celebrate the day. Whether you are looking for something cozy or wanting to get dressed up to take a bomb photo, you will need to pull something together. I’m personally choosing this red sweatshirt that I thrifted and pairing it with comfy leggings. But, do you, and if that means silk pajamas, get them! If that means a red dress while watching one of the “top 200 romantic comedies” with a hot cup of tea, do it! Check out these cute mugs that were on display and the Victoria’s Secret silk pajamas I spotted this past weekend.

Goodwill Valentine’s Day mugs

The theme is simple and fun with the help of Google + Goodwill! However you decide to celebrate, be safe and enjoy yourself, your friends/family, your boo! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kristi Crane

Kristi is a Middle School Counselor by day and a social media fanatic by night.  She has been thrifting for over 10 years and has brought that joy to her social media, specifically, Instagram!  She loves inspiring others to repurpose, upcycle. and thrift gorgeous pieces for their homes and wardrobes.  

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