Goodwill Announces New Customer Loyalty Program

Goodwill is excited to announce the creation of a new and improved loyalty program, Good Points Plus. This program will launch in the Spring of 2023, customers can earn points to redeem as future discounts. The new program will also expand the promotions offered to Goodwill customers.

Goodwill’s current customer loyalty program, Good Points, will end on February 15. Customers are encouraged to use any rewards/points from this existing program before February 15. Good Points will end at the North Canton store on January 15.

As we transition to the new loyalty program, customers can still take advantage of our Senior Discount and Color of the Week 50% off promotions.

Early sign up into the Good Points Plus program will be available. Follow Goodwill’s social media sites or log onto for updates and giveaways related to the launch of the new loyalty program.

Contact for more information.