Five Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to start putting the work in on the resolutions made for 2023! Like many, you may have promised to be more sustainable this year. When making your list of how to accomplish this goal, make sure to add Goodwill to the top. Thrifting items is one of the most sustainable ways to shop, while donating items no longer needed will keep them from the ever-growing local landfills.


Thrifting clothing is a great way to find affordable and stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe, but do you know how much of an impact you’re making? There is around 92 million tons of clothing-related waste created each year for new pieces made by large manufacturers. Start the year fresh by cleaning out your closet, donating items you no longer love and pick up new pieces that reflect your style for the new year!

Struggling to decide what to donate and what to keep? Consider turning all the hangers in your closet, then once you hang up your laundry hang them as you normally would. After a few months you’ll notice what pieces you haven’t used because the hangers will still be turned the opposite way!


Did you know when a pair of shoes is manufactured, it generates around 30lbs of carbon dioxide emissions? Rather than picking up a pair of heels from a major retailer, thrift your next favorite set at your local Goodwill. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, but you can find unique styles without paying boutique prices.

Kitchen Appliances

Did you know electronics are plugged in at Goodwill before they’re placed on the sales floor? This means you can shop electronics without fear of lucking out on the perfect appliances. On average, kitchen gadgets should last around 10 years. By picking up your gizmos at Goodwill, you’re saving operational items from local landfills. The environmental impact you can make may even make your next recipe taste even better!

Infant & Toddler Clothing

It’s no secret that babies grow at significant rates. While they can be the most stylish in the family, babies need new sizes typically every ten weeks. But there’s no need to compromise your sustainability goals for the sake of your little fashionista! Goodwill has a multitude of children’s items ranging from onesies, shoes, coats, accessories and toys for a variety of developmental stages.

When looking to size up, remember to drop off the items your little one no longer needs! This will not only help cut down on your carbon footprint, but you’ll be providing the same stylish and sustainable cycle for others.


Have you noticed the new items at Goodwill? Some of these items are closeouts from big box stores we buy and resell for a fraction of the original price. Although these are new, by shopping at Goodwill you are reducing the demand for these products from large stores like thrifting any other products in our stores. When buying closeouts at Goodwill, you are supporting our outreach programs and purchasing items never before used, while being sustainable!

Through donating and thrifting items at Goodwill, you are helping the planet as well as your local communities. In 2021 Goodwill was able to divert more than 18 million pounds from area landfills. Click here to learn more about the impact Goodwill has done:

About the Author: Shannon Enoch, Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.