Donate Computers and Electronics Recycling

Donating your computers and other tech equipment to Goodwill is safe and environmentally friendly. The ideal computer donation to Goodwill is a Pentium 4 CPS running at 1Ghz or better. Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc. take the safety of our donors very seriously. We understand that data confidentiality is extremely important to hard drive donors. All hard drives received by Goodwill are wiped using the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) standard which has an eight pass wiping algorithm. At the end of the wiping, the software will give a status of PASS if the drive has been successfully wiped. If the drive is not able to be overwritten due to a problem with the drive (damaged sectors, damaged hardware, etc.), the drive is physically altered so that it cannot be read. Additionally, Goodwill partners with eWaste vendor ECS, refining to properly recycle all computers, tech accessories and equipment that are not salvageable, ensuring that eWaste does not go in to a landfill. If you have a question about donating computer equipment to Goodwill, please email, and a customer service representative will follow up with you.