5 Things You Need in Your Closet

5 Things You Need in Your Closet

Snow has thawed, birds are chirping….it’s time to clean out your closet and get ready for the warmer weather and longer days that are just around the corner. With that in mind, we’re sharing the top 5 things you need in your closet right now.

Getting organized feels so good and so does starting your day with an organized closet. A closet clean out is liberating, but starting the process can feel overwhelming. Let’s take this one step at a time. I want you to think about your favorite go-to items. Do you always go for the same pieces? That’s OK, you know what you like. Starting with the things you wear the most helps you to get a sense of your style. Still stumped? Let me give you a hint….

Here are 5 things you need in your closet:

Basic tee, skirt and scarf

1. Basic Tee

Any fabric and any color will do. Choose one that makes your face glow.

2. Skirt

Leather, denim, cotton twill, the fabric can be any, it just has to feel great on you. Go for comfort.

3. Scarf

Choose a fabric that is easy to manipulate and will drape several different ways. There are no wrong answers when wearing a scarf. It makes an excellent jacket and can change your look in seconds. This item does a lot of heavy lifting with little effort.


4. Flats

I love all shoes….I confess, but a great pair of slip-on mules will go far and looks sharp.


5. Handbag

A versatile bag that can go crossbody or clutch is the key and will go anywhere perfectly.

Understanding the 5 essentials of your closet will help you know what to keep and what to add to the donation box. Start the clean-out process by keeping these 5 things in your closet and you will see that you are more organized than you think. Once you complete this list, you’ll know exactly what you need to thrift on your next trip to Goodwill.

5 Things You Need in Your Closet
5 Things You Need in Your Closet
scarf tee and skirt

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