Five Things You Didn't Know About Goodwill

Everybody knows you can go to Goodwill to find great deals on gently-used clothing, bedding, furniture, and more. But some people don't know all the ways Goodwill gives back to the community. Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio supports numerous employment and social services such as job training and placement, computer skills and family strengthening programs.

Across the Digital Divide to Low-Income Families

ComputersAgain links low-income families, non-profits, and schools with affordable technology through refurbished personal computers. For $85, ComputersAgain can supply a family with a PC equipped with Microsoft Windows 7, a flat-screen monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Once qualified for the program, each recipient also receives two free hours of basic computer training.

Computer Labs Prepare Better Workers

How can you compete for today's jobs without workplace computer skills? Goodwill offers computer courses in a well-equipped lab with expert instructors to help job seekers master the technology. These courses are open to all.

Real Job Skills Training at Goodwill

Goodwill Industries offers an entire employment skills training program focused on multiple industries across many professions. This training program is broken into two categories: Pre-employment Training and Job Placement Services. Individuals with a barrier to employment receive a vocational evaluation to determine what job best fits, as well as workplace training and counseling. Goodwill Industries aptly prepares applicants for the challenges of a new job.

Parenting Skills and Financial Literacy

Work isn't just about formal employment. Maintaining a home, raising a family, and understanding the importance of financial management are as valuable as any job skill. The influence one person has on other family members can be enormous. Goodwill's Family Strengthening programming hosts parenting skills training, financial and verbal literacy classes, and a weekly group meeting called Parents Anonymous for encouragement and support.

Social Services

Goodwill offers direct support or connections to help individuals locate emergency shelter, food, healthcare, clothing, rent or housing assistance among other resources.

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