Exciting Changes to Goodwill's Color of the Week Promotion

COTW Changes

In our Goodwill stores, our number one priority is to provide our shoppers with top-notch customer service. We want to make sure our customers have fun and feel valued when they choose to shop at our stores – because ultimately, you the Goodwill shopper are the driver behind fueling our mission in our local communities. When you shop at Goodwill, you change a life… for good!

Our retail leadership team always wants to hear customer feedback and suggestions. We’re thrilled to introduce exciting changes to our Color of the Week rotation, thanks to shopper feedback.

Starting April 9th our Color of the Week will be $1.00 on Sundays and Mondays only. After Monday, keep shopping great deals on our 50% off color.

Goodwill is excited about this change to reduce the $1.50 color to $1.00. The reduced $1.00 merchandise will be on our sales floor for a full two days. In the past, shoppers noticed that our retail stores had to rotate the $1.50 items while the sale was still taking place, and now we won’t have to do that anymore. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers. If you have specific recommendations, please let us know. Goodwill’s ultimate goal is to continue to provide fresh, quality merchandise at a great price, every time you shop!

Thank you again to our shoppers and donors for your continued support of your local Goodwill.


Easily Make a Beautiful, Affordable Centerpiece With Thrift Store Finds

Chic decor that enhances a room doesn't require a huge budget. It just needs an eye for detail, a desire to create something of beauty, and a shopping trip to a thrift store. That's right – a visit to your local secondhand shop. It's a great place to find unique pieces and treasures that can be arranged into an eye-catching centerpiece sure to enhance a room's attractiveness.

Start with Photos

Look online or through home design magazines for centerpiece ideas. Which photos do you gravitate to? What's most appealing about these particular pieces? How might you go about recreating the concept and the look?

It's perfectly fine to choose different colors or shapes to match or complement a room. The image from the home decor magazine or website is just inspiration. Starting with that idea, get creative with your thrift store finds and make something new of your own design. Often, the end result will turn out even better than the original idea!

What to Look For

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Armed with your photo research, head to a nearby thrift store. Take your time browsing through different sections. Inspiration can strike anywhere, so don't stick just to the home section while thrifting.

You may not find the exact thing used in professionally styled centerpieces, but you can look for similar items or items that perform the same function. For example, you might try to create a centerpiece that uses a crystal bowl by using a thrifted vase or a large bottle.

Try to find things that can be easily assembled at home without a great deal of work or special tools. If items can be glued or hammered together, if they need just a new coat of paint, or if they'll shine right up with a bit of scrubbing, then they're good choices. Pieces with chipped paint or ugly colors can be covered with gold leaf for a shiny, lux look. You can easily find old books with interesting looking pages that would be great for decoupage, turning a lackluster centerpiece into a literary piece.

Putting It All Together

When it's time to put the assorted pieces together, take the simplest, easiest route. Try to recreate the look and feel without having to duplicate every detail exactly. Start with the image as a guide, and then make your own unique creation in that style.

Special thanks to Vanessa for the image.

8 Great Ways to Reuse Thrift-Store Baking Pans

When a dish's life in the kitchen is over, it doesn't have to spend its final days in the local landfill. These eight great baking pan uses transform old cooking vessels into fun and functional accessories for homes.


baking tins

Cookie Sheet Message Center

Cookie sheets from a local thrift store offer creative alternatives to standard cork boards and dry-erase message centers. Chalkboard paint turns the tray into a versatile space for notes or weekly menus, and decorative fabrics and shelf paper make unique backdrops to display shopping lists, calendars, or pictures.

Muffin Pan Frames

The cups in a muffin tin add a unique touch to small photos and hand-painted drawings. This baking pan reuse project makes eye-catching decor that complements most any theme, from rustic to contemporary, and it's versatile enough to suit bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens.

Pie Tin Clock

DIY wall clocks are functional, attractive, and budget-friendly, especially when a rescued pie pan serves as the clock face. Simply paint the tin in a suitable color, drill a hole in the center, and attach a clock kit that includes hands and a battery-powered motor.

Magnetic Play Boards

Magnetic toys, such as letters, paper dolls, gears, and animal magnets, entertain young children for hours, especially when they're paired with a sturdy metal cookie sheet for easy portability. Projects like this are good opportunities to take advantage of thrift store coupons and promotions, and stock up on materials at a real bargain.

Seed Starters and Herb Gardens

A lightly used muffin pan makes a versatile and creative gardening accessory. The cups are an ideal size for herbs, and they provide plenty of space to start indoor seedlings. This baking dish also offers an attractive planting solution for small cacti and other succulents.

Bundt Pan Planters

Larger plants and ferns need more space to flourish. Rescued bundt cake pans, painted in various colors, easily transform into chic hanging planters.

Portable Drink Tray

Transporting cups for office luncheons or family gatherings often becomes a challenge. A muffin tray, paired with a laundry basket, makes an excellent carrier.

Muffin Cup Organizers

Muffin baking pans have dozens of great uses. They're particularly versatile as organization solutions. Store school supplies, jewelry, hardware, craft supplies, and more in inexpensive muffin tins from the thrift store.

Save Money with Back to School Shopping at the Thrift Store

While back to school shopping often means kids are looking for new clothes and new styles as well as new supplies, it doesn’t have to cost parents big bucks. Parents and students of all ages can benefit from visiting local thrift stores for those must-have back to school items.

Find Unique Styles

Options for back to school clothes shopping at thrift store are endless. Parents can find popular vintage styles from just about any era, preppy polo-style shirts and khakis, jeans and novelty tees, dresses for special occasions, and athletic wear for team practices, offering something for even the pickiest of students. Those who start their shopping early and check the shops often can get first pick of the newest items. New clothes often wind up in thrift shops because someone purchased the wrong size or the wrong style. Those who check the racks as the stores are being restocked can find many of the current styles and latest trends just like at the department stores. Take advantage of special sales promotions for additional savings.

Beyond Just Clothes

People may equate thrift stores with used clothing, but many other back to school items can also be found. For prices much less than major retail stores and with multiple locations to visit, students can shop for books, binders, art supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, and sports equipment. Must have accessories such as jewelry, headbands, purses, scarfs, and hats are available to help tie together new looks for the school year. College students can find just about everything their need to outfit their new dorm rooms, from furniture, rugs, and artwork, to throw pillows, and toaster ovens.

Stocking Up on the Extras

Saving dollars on the front end of their back to school shopping, parents can provide for the extras that are needed throughout the year. Kids are rough with their everyday items, banging up their lunchboxes, ripping their backpacks, and even leaving all of their stuff on the bus never to be seen again. Thrift store shopping can allow parents to purchase multiple replacement items for these unexpected accidents and mishaps. In addition, with bulk buys, there is no need to worry about kids who are always changing their mind about their favorite characters and want to switch out binders and lunch boxes. Don't forget to check online auctions for collectibles and that hard to find back to school item.

Creatively Organize Your Home and Become a Pinterest Hero

When you're looking for ways to organize your home, a visit to the thrift store can be a great way to think outside of the box. Rather than spending money on plastic bins and new products that offer generic solutions for tidiness, shopping second hand allows you to use your creativity to express your personality. There are many clever organizational ideas on social media that are perfect for repurposing or sorting things.

Find the messes that make themselves. 

Browsing Pinterest, you may see a hundred clever ways to organize and label a spice rack, but your current spice shelf in the cabinet probably works just fine. For the best use of your project time, look for the messes that keep happening in your home, and think of them as opportunities for organization. Which are the tools or gadgets that always take the longest to find? Are there drawers or corners that seem impossible to sort through? The best project will be tailored to the needs of your home, whether it means organizing cords or keys.

Look past the appearances.

When walking through the thrift store, think about the different messes you identified in your home. Don't be too distracted by blemishes or awkward colors. Many creative finds can be painted or improved as a weekend project. Just because something was made for Christmas or the Fourth of July doesn't mean it couldn't be repurposed or altered for year-round use.

Make it a game!

Bringing a friend to the thrift store will make the experience more enjoyable as well as another source of creative perspective. You can swap creative ideas for how best to organize items such as jewelry, clothing, or files, or to solve other problems. You may find a cheese grater that would be perfect for hanging earrings, and you could use a classic Barbie doll's outstretched arms as a playful way to organize your rings and bracelets. Consider interesting trunks as alternative shoe storage while adding to the decor of your home, or closet organizers for effective use of a small space for your wardrobe. 

Talk to friends in person or online because others may have just the idea you need, whether you're organizing drawers or making special clothes for your kids. Whatever kind of mess you need to master, Goodwill has eclectic and practical surprises for creative solutions.

Fourth of July with Goodwill

With the 4th of July right around the corner, people are searching near and far to find something fun and creative to decorate with for their holiday cookouts! Our stores are never short of fun and funky things to repurpose into table decorations, place settings and even everyday around-the-house items. We jumped in a few of our stores across Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, where we found these four items that you can upcycle or even just use as is to help put a little more flare into your fun 4th décor.

Goodwill 4th of July Find #1: Glass Star Dishes   

We were walking up to the checkout line when we found about 20 of these great star-shaped dishes on an end cap right beside the register. This is funny considering that we had been walking around for 15 minutes searching for something to use either as a festive snack serving dish or a centerpiece.  These would be ideal to fill with nuts or small candies that your guests can snack on as they wait for juicy burgers. If you already have way too many serving dishes (like we are guilty of…) then use these as votive holders from our 4th of July Pinterest Board. Just place some citronella candles in them to keep those pesky mosquitoes away during the warm summer evening. Either way, at $2.00 each, these are a great find!


Goodwill 4th of July Find #2: Metal Door Hanger

You’ve got to make a strong first impression if you’re inviting friends over for the 4th. We found a metal door basket, originally $13.99, for only $3.00! Fancy this up with a few flowers or flags, and hang it on the front door to say “Happy 4th of July!” to your guests.


Goodwill 4th of July Find #3: Festive Ice Bucket

This ice bucket was initially playing hide and seek with us, avoiding discovery back behind a much larger item on the dishware shelves, but we were lucky to spot it and scoop it up for our cookout! While we recognize that people usually need much larger coolers for ice during the 4th, this can alternatively be used as an ice bucket that you fill with a few beers, bottles of water or even a bottle of wine to set at the table, keeping the drinks cool while they’re waiting for eager hands to reach out and grab them! It’s definitely more convenient than having to get up and trek to the cooler. At $4.00, it’s definitely something we didn’t want to miss out on, especially considering that similar ice buckets start around $10.00 new.


Goodwill 4th of July Find #4: Croquette Set

What better way to keep the kids out of your hair while you’re cooking then sticking them out in the yard with a croquette set! For $10.00, this complete set is a STEAL! An easy way to explain the game is as if it is mini golf. Even better, the green tags were only $1.50 this week, so I paid $1.50 for a mint-condition set. Mind blown, wallet kept full!

Goodwill is a great place to find good deals on gently used items. We were able to find quite a few items for under $10 to decorate for the 4th of July- what have you found? Let us know! Happy Deal Hunting!


Real Tips from a Real Mama

Hello everyone! My name is Robyn and I’m your typical working mama, just trying to juggling my time between family and career. I am also a thrift and discount shopper enthusiast: I really can’t resist a good deal! (Seriously, sometimes it’s a problem). I often find myself standing in front of clearance racks or Target endcaps entranced in the thought that curtain panels are marked down to $5.00 or worried I might not see that awesome bargain. So, naturally, I am a fan of shopping thrift and have been a Goodwill shopper since high school.

I don’t get to shop for pleasure as much as I’d like these days with two young kiddos at home. From time to time I will load one of them up in the car with me (because trying to corral both by myself is sometimes just not worth it) and we head over to the closest Goodwill store. I usually let my son or daughter pick out one thing, typically a toy or a book, and then we scan all of the kid’s clothing and shoes, and if there is still time, mom gets to look for herself too. (wink!)

I will say, Goodwill has often been my resource as well.

Recently, my daughter had surgery on her hand. She’s two years old and as I was mentally preparing myself for the surgery day, it dawned on me that her closet was not necessarily prepared for her to be in a cast from her shoulder to her hand for the next 3-4 weeks! Now, if it was warm out, this would be no problem… but it’s still winter in Northeast Ohio folks! I could tell just by a quick scan of her closet that pretty much all of the sleeves would be too narrow to fit a cast through.

In an effort to be as prepared as possible, I took to Pinterest to see what other mamas with littles in arm casts do. The answer: cut off a sleeve. Now, she has plenty of clothes, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of “ruining” some of those adorable outfits. So, I set out to the nearest Goodwill store and picked up several long sleeve shirts and a couple long sleeve dresses, too. All super cute and good prices too! I’m talking $1.50 to $2.50 each! So much so, I don’t feel bad about cutting the sleeves off to make them work for the next month.

Throwback Thursday Feature: Barbie!

Since Barbie's first debut in 1959, the iconic doll has been a household name and beloved toy by many. While Barbie's somewhat controversial body image has been the center of debate for the past few decades, her creator had more feministic ideals at heart.

"My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be," Ruth Matel, founder of Matel Creations said. "Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices."

Today, with a professional resume thicker than a phonebook, a circle of friends that rival any social network and a community of caring that spans the globe, Barbie continues to find new ways to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls.

Local Goodwill stores and are great places for Barbie enthusiasts, vintage doll collectors and young girls shopping for their new best friend. Goodwill regularly features Barbie dolls, clothing and accessories.